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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pseudo Stood Up?

Hey so I think I've been stood up.
Remember my first sort of...meh date with MrDentalSurgeon last Tuesday?
You can read about it here if you missed it.

So anywho at the end of last week when he asked to get together again for tonight I agreed.
I chatted with him almost daily since.
But then the last I heard from him was on Monday when he asked how my race went and if I had any pics from it (which I don't yet).

And then ...nothing.
And I honestly didn't really think about it yesterday.
But since I haven't heard from him all day tonight and it is currently 5:46pm I'm guessing I've been stood up.
(Last time he confirmed in the morning of what we were going to do).
Which in all reality if he doesn't even have the common courtesy to text a cancellation.
I've dodged a bullet.

Plus that opens up my schedule to talk to either MrPhD or MrConsultant tonight.

No biggie.
And in the amazing words of Charlotte York.

Pic from here

I'm really starting to believe this more and more.
I'm not sure I believe in the whole soulmate thing (as in a partner I'm "meant" to be with).
I starting to think a lot more along these lines now.
I don't mean that at all in an angry or bitter way.
Just something I'm coming to accept.


  1. Sigh.

    You and me both, darling.

    I don't know. I don't know if it's being pessimistic or realistic. I just know that it's hard to maintain fairytale beliefs when you live in the real world. I don't mean it in a bitter way either. It just...sort of is, I guess.

  2. @A- Exactly...totally sucks. I'm thinking Prince Charming definitely does not exist. F*ck.

  3. I don't consider that being stood up. I think of stood up is if yall had made firm plans, like "I'll pick you up tomorrow at 6pm and we'll go to ___" and he doesn't show, or "ill meet you at ___ at 6pm on Tuesday" and you're there waiting and he doesnt show.

    I just think of this as more of being blown off and consider that as a notch against him bc obviously you aren't a priority enough...unless he has an explanation.

  4. Okay well it was determined it was not really a standup/blow off but maybe his explanation made sense...for now anyway :)