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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another First

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As in another first date.
So on Tuesday I took a deep breath.
Threw on a cute dress and heels and walked nervously to my first date with MrDentalSurgeon.

Are you raising your eyebrow at me?
Yes MrDentalSurgeon does the same thing as MrDentist.
And both have similar dark features and a few other things in common.

Oh well.
I didn't want to hold it against him because really I hope no one would compare myself to anyone else either.
Well I guess MrKent did but this may just be a really b*tchy post.

We had exchanged a few messages/texts/phone calls.
So it was time to plan the OBVIOUSLY I put the decisions on him.

He came up with three suggestions.
And they were 1. The Keg 2. Earl's 3. Jack Astor's.
And here is where I turn into a super b*tch.
And obviously none of the following things did I tell him 
(or else I think he would think I was a super snob!).
Oh yes AND these were in the order of what his preference would be.

Here are my thoughts.
First let me explain each one.

1. The Keg (I believe a Canadian chain though there are tons in the US too)- it's a steak place.  They actually do a really decent steak and I enjoy going there 1-2 times a year.  But here's the thing I live in one of the coolest cities in the world with hundreds of cool places to go eat!  Why on earth would The Keg be a top choice?

2. Earl's - I've never been.  However, it is on Thursday nights (this date was Tuesday night so not really the issue) THE meat market/pick up place of Bay Streeters (Toronto's version of Wall Streeters).  If you drive by (which I've done) on a Thursday you will see a ton of sexy suits and women in their tightest tiniest dresses, sky high Louboutons and clutching whatever newest hand bag is in style.  (Clearly this is not my type of place...I would feel so self-conscious around these women!)

3. Jack Astor's- again I actually really like Jack Astor's and it is a go to staple.  In fact Taylor and I went there on her last trip here.  My parents like it and I even went on a date with MrKent to one.  

I'm just a SUPER snob and wonder out of all the restaurants in the city these are your top three?!?!?!
So of course I replied with something nice like, 
"I'm good with all three.  So whatever you think is great :)"
Because I'm a people pleaser like that.

So I meet him at The Keg on York.
Choosing a spot on the patio we finally have great warm weather here.
He was sweet asking if I was too hot we could move inside.
I obviously was like heck no!  I love the heat!

Pic from here

The place was fun.
I had a great glass of wine and we both ordered steak.
And he was cute.
There was definitely a lot of awkward first date timing/conversation things going on.
It's hard because obviously I'm going to compare it to what I experienced previously.

His style is different (think more European) versus New England prep (the style that makes me weak in the knees).
He also wore running shoes with jeans which kind of bothers y'all are probably thinking I'm a HUGE snobby b*tch.

He was really nice.
He told me I looked like Jessica Alba (which always has me grinning ear to ear).
He also walked me to my car.

And we had another awkward exchange where he suggested we go out again immediately followed up by if I didn't want to that was cool.
So I did the only thing I thought of to break the awkward shuffling and gave him a quick peck on the lips.
Which surprised him (and myslef).

I had a fun time.
I probably would go out with him again and see if it was just nervous energy that made things awkward...
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd hope that he doesn't take me to another chain restaurant.
(Finishing off with a super snobby b*tchy


  1. It's not snobby, really. It's preference. The poor dude obviously hasn't ever been exposed to the real, awesome, non-chain. Maybe he's trainable. Maybe he's just a dud. Kudos for going out with him anyway and making the effort!

  2. @A- I'm glad it's not snobby. Hmmm maybe he's trainable but we'll see if I have patience for it haha.