Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunny Saturday

So Saturday came so quick!
I had a ton of running around to do before Laurel and her fiance's big backyard BBQ!
A rarity in Toronto to actually have a backyard.

So I had some shopping/prep work to do in the am.
And then I thought maybe I would be all Cupcakes and Cashmere and FINALLY try one of her recipes.
It was the one from this post.

It seemed to start off okay.
Okay so I'm sooooooooooooo not Cupcakes and Cashmere and totally ran out of time to make the tart I may have cheated a little.
Since I don't usually eat pie/tarts I can't tell you if it was good or not.

Before baking...

Poking holes in it (apparently VERY important).

Overpriced Vanilla I purchased on one of the trips to St.Lawrence Market with MrKent.

Seriously it was $22.90 for four pods of vanilla.
I'm a sucker what can I say.

Expensive pod.
But the first pod I actually scrapped by hand.
(I usually just use the extract).
 Baked crust.
Milk/Vanilla pod combo. 
 Sugar and corn starch (may have been the problem).
You see I think I followed the recipe to the letter.
Only instead of a vanilla infused pastry cream.
I ended up with a blobby gelatenous solid mass.
BUT unfortunately since I left it to the last minute.
I just forced/scrapped in somehow into the tart/pie crust.

 3 eggs yolks.

 Fresh strawberries.
 Used an egg slicer to get even slices.
A TON messier than I thought.
Maybe the strawberries were too ripe.
But I sacrificed half that just sort of got mushed.

 I enjoyed the huller.
I think that is what it's called.

The final product LOOKED good.

But I'm not so sure it tasted that great.
Just turns out I'm not really a whiz in the baking department.
Certainly I'm no SoMidwestern or CupcakesandCashmere.
Oh well.  Note to self.
Just buy a dessert and save myself the headache/mess/cleanup AND it still cost me similar about the same as if I just purchased a dessert already made!

On the way to the BBQ I stopped to buy bananas, pineapple, cinnamon and ice cream to make grilled fruit because I was afraid of my botched dessert attempt.
Anywho the BBQ was fun.

So B was there.
Remember when he asked me for my number?  
I wrote about it way back in this post.
I can't remember if I even touched on the fact that I didn't want to pursue him because I like the CanadaCrew that I hung out with and didn't want things to get weird.
Also, I thought he was basically trying to "call dibs" before the other single guy.
Anywho the reason I bring it up is because at this BBQ there were two other single girls.
Both SUPER nice and I really like them.
Only when I found that B was flirting with one of them I got kind of jealous.
Weird right?
Hmmm maybe I shouldn't have just brushed off B.
Still hesitant though.

Maybe I should talk to Laurel and see what she thinks...
Anywho that was my Saturday day/night.
Because Sunday I had a BIG day.
That I will share with you tomorrow.
But it was pretty epic.
And it was definitely me WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY outside my comfort zone.
Until tomorrow...


  1. Anything you make yourself NEVER tastes as good as if someone else had made it. I swear this is true. It looks absolutely gorgeous, honestly. A+ for effort!

  2. @A- yup I'm definitely thinking making it yourself is totally overrated. Oh well!