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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Weekend

Last week and weekend I worked hard at being busy so as not to think about MrKent.
It sort of worked.
So let me summarize.

Wednesday I had a sorority meeting at the house.
So that was great.
I'm currently VP of the Alum organization AND
just found out I'm being groomed to be Pres for 2013-2014.
Which has me excited yet super duper nervous.

Thursday I was supposed to grab drinks with Laurel but we decided to change the night.
Friday I headed to the SC (StoneyCreek) to visit Quinn.
Val ended up coming there too.

We had a fabulous dinner and drank some wine.
And cheered as Nik Wallenda walked across Niagara Falls!
Amazing and totally inspiring!
(Yes I'm a total cheeseball that loves to watch people succeed).
Pic from here

Saturday I woke up and Quinn, her husband and her baby went out for breakfast.
Then we came home to feed the baby.
Seriously how cute is she?!?!?!

Then I headed to my hometown.
When I got to my parents place it was a little too noticeable that Arlie was gone.
Then my parents made plans to go out for dinner at one of their friend's places.

So I called up Shelby (who lives in my hometown).
And invited her over for dinner.
She suggested we go out for drinks at a pub.

So I forced myself out.
It really wasn't that fun at all.
Reminding me that the icky hometown feeling may never pass.
But at least I forced myself out.

Sunday was a lazy Father's Day spent BBQing and hanging out.
And going to get my mum a new iPod and showing her how to use it.
(And yes we got my mum an iPod on Father's Day which is kind of funny in a way).
My little brother is in the Bahamas so he wasn't around.

And as I packed up my car (with a bunch of work done on it again).
I found myself returning to the TDot with entirely way too many things.
Does this happen to you to when you head home?
Or am I just totally spoiled???

Here is the loot in my front hall.
And the breakdown of the food!

Tons of stuff at my front hall!

My parent crack me up because they now remember to get me my healthy things I like (veggies and fruit)...I think it's a secret ploy to get me to try and take home the entire tray of rolls stuffed with chorizo (it worked!)

Close up of the totally unhealthy white buns stuffed with sliced up Chorizo bits (a Portuguese sausage).

Home made prefrozen(just have to be fried) Samosas.  Yum!

Individual portion sized chicken curry (we are Portuguese but my parents had some Indian friends when they first moved to Canada so I grew up eating this yummy stuff!)

Individually portioned ribs and Boerewors (a South African sausage that I love...both my parents families grew up in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe).

Another South African fav (that is stored in a paper sac and I've been snacking on all week...Biltong which is essentially beef parents South African butcher makes it for our family!)

So yes it was a good weekend.
That had me unwinding but still thinking about things way too much.
But I came back to the TDot refueled for another week.

Coming up (sorry for the delay in posts)...
A first date post.
My crazy weekend coming up post.


  1. Yes, this happens to me when I head home. Although...maybe we're both just a little spoiled? ;)

  2. @A- Maybe ...who am I kidding...totally spoiled :)