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Monday, June 4, 2012


Saturday afternoon MrKent and I had been at the Eaton Centre.
Mainly we used their parking garage so that we could go to Homesense 
but then decided to stop in a few other places in the mall.
I've been to the Eaton Centre multiple times.

To me the Eaton Centre was the big extravagant downtown mall I remember visiting as a child.
With fancy stores and it just seemed so cool.
I could hardly believe that this was people's local mall.
(Especially compared to the little malls in my home town).

It's generally always busy.
It has a good atmosphere.
I never had a concern.
I never thought twice about going there.
But now I will.

Saturday someone decided to go on a shooting rampage in the food court.
1 person is dead.  
7 are injured.
There was a mad rush of people sprinting out onto the street.

I'm not going to post pictures that are splattered across the internet.
You can google it if you're so inclined.
But it bothers me immensely.

I can't wrap my head around it.
Will I ever head into the Eaton Centre without thinking about it?
Likely not.

Such a tragic thing to happen.
On a busy Saturday.
When families were just enjoying the evening at the mall.
I'm so so bothered by this.

My thoughts and prayers to all families involved.
What a sad day for Toronto.

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