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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saturday Night Fever

After getting dropped off by MrKent.
I quickly got ready (ie. reapplied deodorant).
I headed to Laurel's place so we could head downtown.

We went to Czehoski's.
It is in the trendy Queen West/Ossington area.

Pic from here

I had the Palmerston Burger.
Laurel got the Blue Crab Mac and Cheese.
The boys got Perogies.
The service was terribly slow (not even close to a full restaurant either) 
and we all agreed it was just so so.
Which was super surprising for a diner's choice award winner on OpenTable.

After we headed to Sweaty Betty's.
Here's what Toronto Life says about it:

Absinthe is the beverage of choice for Trinity Bellwoods’ tortured literati, who rendezvous nightly at this small, bordello-inspired den. Flickering candles illuminate the deep crimson walls, marked with early-20th-century tattoo flash. Thick roped curtains, a faux crystal chandelier and shabby-chic (OK, more shabby than chic) second-hand furnishings contrast with the contemporary jukebox, which spews boisterous beats by Nick Cave, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bloc Party and Ray Charles.
Pic from here of Sweaty Betty's

Pic from here

Ugh I absolutely detest a name like that for a bar.
It was the appropriate dark and coolness factor for a bar.
Had a great time chatting with the group.
Though my stomach was starting to feel a little queasy.

After a drink we decided to hop places to TheOssington
It was just up the block a little bit.
It was INCREDIBLY loud when we walked in.
We weren't quite ready for aloud bar and I think we all wanted to chat a bit more.
Pic from here

So much so that we quickly decided to keep walking up to Levack Block.
Pretty cool bar on the corner.  Pic from here.

And it was actually super cool inside.

Pic from here.

And then I started feeling really queasy.
Mixed with the warmth of a bar and the spring night.
Laurel asked if I wanted to step outside.
And as I sucked in some cooler air outside...I knew I had to head home.
I felt so incredibly nauseous.
And it wasn't just because a limo bus pulled up with what was the THIRD bachelorette party headed into the place haha.

It was so disappointing.
I was totally craving a night out like this.

With some cool new friends cutting loose and enjoying the night.

Instead with my stomach doing loop de loops I was headed home.
Made it just inside my door before completely upchucking (sorry folks for the TMI).
But afterwards I actually did feel better.
Except for the feeling of disappointment at what fun that night could have been.

Later on Laurel and everyone even went to HawkerBar (I wrote about it here before).
What a bummer of a night it turned out to be.
BUT I'm so excited though because I was invited to a summer BBQ Laurel and her fiance are hosting in two weeks!
Yea for making friends.

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