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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Communication....what I think versus what I say...

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So on Friday I had a date planned with MrPhD.
We had a few sort of awkward conversations during the week but I chalked it up to nervousness on both of our parts.
So sort of the funniest thing during the day was a message I actually received from MrDentalSurgeon.

Yes the guy that stood me up on Wednesday (read here if you missed it).
Which was kind of good because then I got to chat up MrPhD and MrConsultant on the phone Wednesday night instead.
And it led to Friday night date plans with MrPhD.

So on Friday I was busying myself during the day with an exam I had to turn in for a certification.
A pretty full day at work.
And getting myself a little nervous for my first date with MrPhD.
Then PING...and this shows up on my phone from MrDentalSurgeon.
"How was your week and are you in/out of town this weekend? :)

What I think....ummmm hey there date ditcher...haven't heard from you since Monday...
What I say "Great!  I'm headed to Kingston for the weekend.  How was your week?"

He responds..."Busy...(some stuff about work related stuff)...Looking forward to next 3 days off/relax.  R U leaving tonite or tomorrow morning?"

What I think...SERIOUSLY no mention of ditching without even a "hey things got crazy busy can we raincheck"... or even "sorry the week got so crazy busy sorry I bailed on Wednesday"...annoying...and I seriously hate shortened things like "R U" versus Are you...
What I say..."That's great!  Tomorrow morning which is good because traffic is looking crazy on the 401"  (the main highway across Ontario).

He responds "R u up for seeing a movie tonight?  I can come to your 'hood ? :)"

What I think...really a single fun nice girl and you are asking her at 4:28pm to do something that evening...on a Friday cannot be serious....ughhh and I hate the word "'hood".
What I say "Would love to but I already have plans tonight"

He responds "Np.  Have a great weekend :)"

What I think...maybe if you invite me earlier in the week?  
AND still no mention of the Wednesday night ditch...kind of rude actually.
What I say "You too :)"

I don't mean to play games with this guy but seriously?!
I think it just goes to show what type of priority I would be to him.
So I think I will gracefully bow out of that one.

Then the rest of Friday afternoon I had to contend with MrPhD who could not make a decision to save his life.
Like he couldn't decide where to go.
Or what to wear (seriously).
Or even where to meet up prior.

I hate calling the shots with things.
I do enough of that during the day.
So when it comes to evenings and weekend I just want to relax and be the lady.
Which means I would like the guy to step it up and call the shots.

So I definitely have to fill you in on my Fridate with MrPhD.
It involved...

Yesterday's lasagna.
A talk about feelings.
A parking ticket at 2:06am.

It sure was a doozy.


  1. Unless you are honest and say what you are thinking, you are just leading them on by okay-ing the behavior and words/actions. And shoot, its over text/email so why not be blunt and honest?? I'm the queen of non-confrontation, but emails and texts are the easy way to do it.