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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Drive in Date

So last night I went on date number two with MrPhD.
He came up with a fun plan to head to the drive in.
I haven't been in years!

Pic from here.

We stopped by the store to grab some Mike's Hard Lemonade.
Because what would be a drive in experience without sneaking in some fun beverages.
Plus since we've been having AMAZING weather it the Lemonade seemed like a great option.
Pic from here

It was hot out and we were all giggly about how this seemed very high school.
What better for dinner than... burgers and fries?

Pic from here.

So we grabbed a patio seat at South Street Burger Company to eat before we headed to the drive it.

It was a cute drive in out in the middle of nowhere far from the hustle and bustle of downtown.
We decided to see Ted which had us laughing but definitely a very risque movie.
Here's the (WARNING Rated R!) trailer

So we settled in to watch it with our Mike's Hard Lemonade.
The second feature was the Avengers but since it was a "school night" we decided to head home around midnight.

I did like that he held my hand.
He also tried to awkwardly snuggle me in the car (but kind of hard to do because of the console between the driver and passenger seat).
We did have some good talks.

And then he leaned over to kiss me.
And he's kind of a sloppy kisser...just saying.
Or maybe I'm just a little bit awkward...or maybe we just need to work on that.
I just found myself pulling away a little bit.
I also am obviously initially the most awkward make out person ever because I get so nervous and worry about what the person is thinking!  

Darn I just don't know about this guy.
I'm totally having a hard time figuring this one out.
I think part of it is that he seems a little more rough around the edges.
He is clearly very smart and well traveled but I'm curious to see how he handles himself in different situations.

By that I mean how does he handle himself in more formal situations.
I find it incredibly attractive to be around a guy who can handle himself in many different situations.
From a hockey game to the work place to a formal evening out.
If a guy is sort of smooth in these situations I find that incredibly sexy.
I'm not sure MrPhD possesses that...but he might.

He did tell me I was pretty last night.
Which I obviously really liked.
And I'm more so just trying to relax and have a good time and not stress about things too much.

We generally do seem to have a decent banter going on right now.
So I guess we'll see where it goes.
I think we are going to hang out again Friday night.
Is it weird that I'm sort of apprehensive about this?

Oh yea and while on my date MrDentalSurgeon called.
Oops I totally forgot that I said I would be home after 9:30 and would have time to chat.
But then the drive in plans came up which had me out later than I thought.
I just listened to his voicemail and he said something about making plans to get together soon.

I just don't know when I'll have the time... between MrResident tonight, MrPhD Friday, MrConsultant Saturday afternoon and a girl's beach picnic on Sunday.
I'm one busy girl!

Do I try to go on two dates on Saturday???
That just makes me think of that episode of SATC when Charlotte goes on two dates and totally gets caught.
Hmmm probably not the best idea.

And if you noticed I quickly filled up my weekend.
I'm obviously trying to avoid Jacob coming up here.
And the best way to do that seems to be to go on lots of dates.
I'll keep you posted!


  1. That's good!! What a FUN weekend you have ahead!! Just remember that with Jacob, things will never change. It never never will.