Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hail to the Victors!!!

So in amazing exciting news today.
After my crazy fun trip to Dallas in September I will work exactly 1.5 days because then I will be headed to Ann Arbor for the Michigan vs. Air Force game!
I'm going with Will and his two friends from the St. Paddy's day weekend Toronto adventure will be joining us too!!!

It is going to be AMAZING!!!
I'm so so so so so so so excited.
I haven't been since 2008!
I'm hoping to make it a yearly adventure.

Here is a pic from the last time I went.
Seriously how ridiculously excited do I look?!
I had goosebumps the ENTIRE time!
It's also giving me some serious thought of going back dark with my hair colour.
Cannot wait.

And how does the whole you follow someone's blog and want to meet them thing work?
Am I a crazy person because I'm totally excited hoping to meet up with another blogger???
Here's hoping :)  (that I can meet up and it's not weird and I'm not a crazy person!)


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Here's how this thing works: I'm not going to let you leave the state without giving you a hug, so you don't have any choice but to see me. Sorry!

    I'm still working on getting to Dallas; sweet talking my boss for the time off is not working so well. Fingers crossed for a miracle. But I will most definitely be in town for the Air Force game so we'll either be hanging out for the second time in two weeks or we'll have our grand meeting. :)

    Definitely email me and keep me updated on your plans! YAY!

  2. Yes!!!! Yall two MUST meet because A NEEDS to meet Will!! It's a MUST!!! And asap before either one of them gets distracted with another girl/guy again. :)

  3. @A- Sounds great!!! I'm going to send you an email with the plans so we can discuss details :)

    @Mrs.Architect- haha you are totally right. It would be great if we could sneak in some girly time in Dallas though with A...though I think there might be a bunch of laughing and chatty perfect ridiculousness going on!