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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last last Wednesday.

So after an interesting game of parked in the street making out.
MrDentalSurgeon picked me up Wednesday for a date.
We headed downtown to Blowfish.
Which I was super excited about because I've never been and it's supposed to be a very NewYork type restaurant.
Definitely one of those see and be seen type of places.
ie. One MrDentist and my smarmy work colleagues and their mistresses talk about going to

When we got downtown (we went to their King Street location) it was POURING.
And MrDentalSurgeon did not have an umbrella in the car so he dropped me off in front before going to park.
Not really much to look at from the outside.
It's a little bit easy to miss actually.
Pic from here.

It was so pretty inside.
Obviously the decor was right up my alley.
Pic from here.

There is no menu online.
We both had fun cocktails and got chatting.
He actually invited one of his close friends/business partners for a drink.
He joined us and we chatted (he is in the same field as I am so it gave us some easy things to chat about).

We had been eating edamame.
When MrDentalSurgeon pointed out that on the plate of discarded edamame shells it was clearly evident whose side was whose (I have the worst grammar ever don't I yipes!)
His side- a mishmash of disorganization.
Mine-neatly stacked rows aligned perfectly.
It's officially I'm totally a dork!

His friend left after a drink.
And we kept on chatting.
Before we knew it, it was after 11pm.
He wanted to show me their bathroom sink (for real).
It was outside the unisex bathroom stalls.
He wanted to see if I could figure out how it worked (there was no faucet fixtures to turn the tap on).
So I confidently walked over and hoped I could figure it out.
I must blow him away with my skills and abilities haha.

So we headed back home for him to drop me off.
I was exhausted!
So he dropped me off with a quick kiss at the front.
I hoped I would see him again soon.
To be continued...

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