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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm back!!

It's amazing what over a week without internet does.
Mostly it just makes you very very annoyed.
ANYwho I have so much to catch y'all up on!

So let's get started!!!  
In a completely random way...

The first thing I want to tell you about was last night (Saturday).

There is a lyric in a song that I think spells it out PERFECTLY...
I knew we wasn't compatible
Quarterback my feelings to the side, that's a lateral

That totally sums up how I feel...

I spent the good part of Saturday afternoon getting ready for a date with MrDentalSurgeon.
Dressed up in a pretty dress.
He wanted me to join his friends at that club Muziq.

I tried to get out of it a bunch because his two close friends were going and it made me feel like I was kind of crashing a boys night.
I even told him to ask his best friend (the friend that I met on this date).
He insisted like when he sent the text saying "spoke to my friend its 100% NO ISSUE for you to come out tomorrow :Dx 100"

So he picked me up at 9 and we went to pick up one of the other guys.
Then we tried to decide what to eat before going out drinking.
Which had me annoyed for a couple of reasons.
1. It was late and I was hungry.
2. He didn't plan anything ahead/have reservations.
And the fact that sitting down for dinner at 10 limits a lot of your options here in Toronto (at least at nicer places).

But of course I slap a smile on my face and say it's no big deal.
So the three of us go the Keg 
(you obviously know my opinions about this from our first date).
So we had dinner and it was SO weird.
MrDentalSurgeon was pretty much quiet and ignoring me.

AND I was trying not to sit and chat too much to his friend.
You know so that he wouldn't get jealous.
It was totally bumming me out.
And the fact that his friend was the one to compliment my dress rather than MrDentalSurgeon himself bothered me.

Then we picked up his other friend and the four of us headed to Musiq.

(The place we went to on this date).
Where we joined the party we were attending.
Picture some cabana booths with about 50 people.

Pic from here.
It was a bunch of guys that are super successful in Toronto.
ie. tons of money and not afraid to flash that around.
ie. a group JUST like my work colleagues from way back now.
ie. me = uncomfortable.

And MrDentalSurgeon just seemed like he was in a bad mood.
I felt like he was sort of ignoring me.
So what to do...have some drinks...including ridiculous $1000/bottle of Cristal...
I'm pretty sure that is the first time I've ever had Crystal.

So we stayed there until about 3/3:30.
Before we had to walk out to find a cab.
The four of us chatting and giggling and drunk.
It was so cold and MrDentalSurgeon did not take the opportunity to put an arm around me etc.

I remember dropping my purse and one of his friends crouching down to help me instead of MrDentalSurgon.
We headed back to his place just us two.
Where I made poor decisions.
And now feel kind of awful about it.

It was followed up by him driving me home at 5am.
(Because I wanted to avoid a walk of shame in a cocktail dress during daylight hours).
I texted him... "Thank you for a fun night...I wanted to invite you up but you seemed really kinda mad"
(Wow talk about me not being confrontational but trying to figure out how he was feeling).
He replied "had fun as well, just got back to garage.  Not mad- super tired and throat sore :s. Night:)"
And since then I haven't heard a word from him.
Not so awesome.
I'm just trying to pretend I'm not so annoyed about it.

I don't know what I was thinking last night.

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