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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Date to add to the pile of confusion

I had made plans to hang out with MrPravda last week.
He came to pick me up.
And he didn't really have a plan.
So being that we were close to my area ie. NOT downtown :(

He suggested Milestones.
I know I know I'm becoming a total snob but I just don't love these chain places.
And YES it would be the same Milestones from this date.
Like I need to think about MrKent at all ugh!

Afterwards he suggested a movie.
We had to kill some time so we headed to a patio for a drink before hand.
Where we basically chatted and left me wondering hmmm I'm not sure about this one.
Part of me was ready for this to be our last date.
Part of me slightly intrigued.

We went to watch the new Batman movie.
I really enjoyed it.
And just because he took the opportunity to kiss me a few times throughout the movie.
He's a pretty darn good kisser.

I just don't know because I'm clearly a bundle of confusion at this point.
So I guess we'll see what happens with MrPravda.
Are ya'll getting bored of my dates yet... admittedly I kind of am sometimes.

This is random and doesn't really go with this post...but I thought...hmm why the heck not?  I would love to have this kind of chemistry and story for y'all haha.  Pic from here.

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