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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm dumb aka I replied...

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Okay remember when I wrote this post (read here).
So I decided to reply to MrDentalSurgeon...

And this is what I came up with just over 24 hours after he messaged me,
"Actually I've been super sick as well...I'm guessing your sore throat wasn't bc of the raw onions ;)"
You see I guess I neglected to mention in this post.
That on our way to pick up his friend we stopped off at a gas station so he could get some cough drops.

He told me he has a bad reaction to raw onions.
And his mum put some in the pizza she made the night before.
So I laughed and asked him, "if you knew it was in there why did you eat it?"
His response "because it was really good pizza".
Such a GUY comment.

Anywho so maybe he was so distant that night... because he didn't feel great.
Anywho he blamed it on the raw onions.
But he totally had to have some kind of virus/infection.
I totally called him on it too.

Anyway I'm dumb for responding because it's been a whole 24 hours with no reply back.

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