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Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday Night Fav

So a few Thursday's ago Val and I wanted to grab some dinner.
Our only goal...somewhere good where neither of us had been.
So after trying to figure out a place to go to.
We did what any normal person would do...
Pic from here.
Decided to try out a tiny quaint restaurant in Roncesvalles (a trendy neighbourhood downtown) that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were spotted at this summer.
It's called Hopgood's Foodliner.
Even the name sounds vintage/hipster cool.
Pic from here
All the seats were full so we had to settle for a seat at the bar.
Pic from here.
Again one of my favourite things of Toronto is the cool little places to discover.
But that made it all the better because our server was FANTASTIC.
So we decided to share a few things.
The menu can change there frequently but some things are staples.

1. The Halifax Donnairs.
OMG HEAVEN!  We asked for the sauce on the side (which I highly recommend).
It also makes things super messy.
Pic from here.
If you want to know what it is (from the link above) ...
Halifax donairs ($12): A thinly sliced mix of beef and pork is piled on fluffy homemade pitas, topped with chopped tomatoes, Vidalia onions and a creamy evaporated milk-based sauce. The pair is served over napkins on a crumpled paper bag. This was a snack that Hopgood often got walking home from school or late night after being out at the bar

2. A Tomato Salad
Summery fresh and oh so delicious!

3. The braised cheek and tiny sausages.
The cheek was good (we both loved the tiny sausages better) but was our least fav of the three dishes.

And if you go there you MUST order their dessert.
They make chocolate bars from scratch...called Crispy Toffee on the menu...

Crispy toffee is a chocolate bar made from rice crispies and cornflakes crushed with white chocolate, coated in toffee, then enrobed with dark chocolate, sprayed with buttery chocolate, and frozen. Defrosted, the bar is sprinkled with salt, tied up in a brown paper wrapper stamped Foodliner.

Not to sweet and just the perfect end to dinner!
How cute is it when it comes to your table (and obviously this is the point I remembered to take a pic)

It was amazing.
Another fabulous night in the city.
Val and I are slowly figuring it out.
And finding great places to eat is just the start.

Definitely one of my FAVOURITES in the city.
And yes I'm still sick...which is why I'm home on a Friday catching up on blogging.
Though I did just get a text from MrDentalSurgeon....hmmm separate post I think.
Don't want to ruin the FABULOUSNESS of this one.

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