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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a Mr's birthday!

I almost forgot to tell you about MrDentalSurgeon's birthday which was 3 Saturday's ago.
Earlier I had offered to cook him dinner that night.
BUT since he didn't get a hold of me until Friday I told him that wasn't enough time so we could just go out instead.

We went to Hy's Steakhouse downtown.
It is one of 5 in Canada and the only in Toronto.
(MrDentalSurgeon is obviously a steak guy).
Pic from the website...clearly a stunning place.

Pic from their website.  

Pic from the website.  A really pretty place!

We sat in a both like this (Pic from the website).
So we relaxed had some great conversation.
Ordered a bottle of wine.
And while he was gone to the bathroom I snuck the waiter my credit card.
Because it was his birthday and all and really I haven't paid for anything up until this point.

And it also allowed this special dessert to come.
I snapped a pic after MrDentalSurgeon said "oh we should have taken a pic".

From there we met up with his friend who was on a date at SpiceRoute.
I went there with Val this night.
We clearly were rescuing his friend who had zero interest in his date.

But he sure did act like he was interested.
It BLEW my mind.
She would go the bathroom and he would be all like "I'm not into her...she's too materialistic blah blah blah".
And then when she was around he was all hand on her low back and smiling and laughing.
This made me very perplexed.
Guess dating can be just a game.
And I wonder just how many times I've been thinking one thing and it was actually the complete opposite.
How strange.

Anywho after the two of us headed back to his place
Where we proceeded to fool around.
When I was ready to go home.
He said he needed to nap for half an hour to sober up.

That made me worried so I suggested I grab a cab instead.
Plus I was wearing a bright orange mini cocktail dress.
Definitely not Sunday morning attire and I wanted to avoid the walk of shame obviously.
So with that he put me into a cab and $58 later (gulp!  Expensive night!) I was home.

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