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Monday, August 27, 2012

a few Mondays ago

So a few Monday's ago (the first one in August...boy I am super behind in posting)
I was supposed to go on a date with MrConsultant.
But I didn't really feel like it.
Plus I had been sick the day before (from the ill effects of Chicago trip).
So I bailed on him.

Instead I met up with Val.
We decided we were up for an adventure.
And tried our hand at SUPing aka Stand Up Paddleboarding.
You know the new celebrity friendly water sport.

Nicole Ritchie does it (pics from here).
Cindy Crawford too.
Matt McConaghey (however you spell his name....he is yummy even if he acts like a dirty old man in Magic Mike!)
And let's not forget Brody Jenner who may be the hottest guy ever.  Seriously I can't even wrap my head around Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger right now...really from Brody to THAT guy?! Gross!
Anywho we may have lied about our experience a little.
I've never been and she has been once in Hawaii.
The current was pretty rough.
So much so that they weren't allowing Canoes out anymore on the lake.

So I was a little worried.
One of the flirtatious boat boys though suggested he boat us to the Toronto Islands because the waters would be a lot more calm out there.
So we agreed.  

And it was way calmer.
I didn't even fall into Lake Ontario once!
So we pretty much looked just like this...
Pic from here.
Pic from same as above.  Some amazing views of the Toronto Skyline.
We may have also stopped for a suntan break haha.
And had a booze cruise boat blow its horn at us and then got catcalled...that's when we decided we probably should get moving again and stop sun bathing.
It was super fun and is now definitely one of my new favourite water activities.

After just over 2 hours we worked up quite an appetite so we headed to try a patio.
A place that was just okay.
I can't even remember the name of it.
Then we headed to Val's because we wanted to try and make a cocktail.
This one...

Umm we soaked the cucumbers when the drink was made...oopsie but seriously who has time to soak cucumbers for at least 8 hours!!!

We thought it turned out pretty delicious and is our new fav.

All in all it was a fantastic holiday Monday :)

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  1. Mmm, that looks DELICIOUS. And I LOVE paddle boarding. So awesome they boated you out to where it was smooth. What a gorgeous skyline view!