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Saturday, August 25, 2012


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So yesterday at 4:50 this text from MrDentalSurgeon...

Hola Teagan!  Hope your having a good week, 
I've been sick as hell all week :s, 
finally feeling a bit better today - 
sinuses still super clogged but fever/chills etc. gone.

So ummm yea how do I reply to this?
I mean I know he is a crappy communicator but a ton of things about Saturday night I was unhappy with.
I know he was/is likely very sick (because that would explain why I'm currently super sick).
BUT not hearing from him since Sunday?!  I can't help but think of super sick MrKent who still managed to hang out with me (I mean how much energy does it actually take to text someone...its the whole if he cares he communicates thing...well then I can't really put that comparison to MrKent because he did end up breaking things off though when he was sick and still super communicative).

I'm clearly not super impressed.
But you know me I will probably come up with a super cheerful response back about how he got be sick.
Because you know...I'm a people pleaser like that.
I don't know...what do y'all think I should do?

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