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Thursday, August 23, 2012

So sick

My nose looks like this.  Pic from here.
Meh I feel terrible.
I'm supposed to be a fun rooftop patio event with the Canada Crew.
Instead I'm sitting here on the couch tissue in hand, sucking on a TERRIBLE cough drop (seriously wishing there was ColdEeze Cherry ones in Canada (there aren't!) and waiting for these antibiotics to kick in.

I feel miserable.
And am hoping that my proactive start with the antibiotics will help me kick this thing by next week.
The thought of flying right now with my congested head gives me shivers.

The worst thing about being sick when you're single?
No one to bring you things.
So I'm a sulky pouty sick mess over here.

Had to cancel my date on Tuesay with MrRealtor.
And I haven't heard from MrDentalSurgeon since Sunday (safe to say I probably won't hear from him again...which I'm neither here nor there about so I guess that says a lot too).
1 week until Dallas.
Can.not.wait. (as long as I'm less sick).
It may or may not have to do that I've been running myself a little ragged.

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