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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Magical Friday

Did anyone else think Friday was NEVER going to get here?
That's how I felt this week.
A sort of yucky long week.

Anywho I was excited to meet up with Laurel for a girl's night of dinner and a movie.
We headed to Moxie's at Scarborough Town Centre (yup the same place from this Sunday date).
During the mediocre dinner (my food arrived cold and wasn't very good at all but the waitress was great and took it off the bill) we came up with a text for MrPhD.

I know I KNOW that is a horrible way to break things off.

However in my defense...we've been on a few dates over these last two weeks.
And remember on the last date last Saturday besides the back seat shenanigans during dinner he asked me how much I weighed.
I think that's kind of inappropriate.

So this week I've been sort of avoiding him...he invited me over for dinner and I made up a lame excuse of working late.
During the week he had such gems of messages like "Ok I had soccer tickets yesterday but you didn't get back to me"...umm okay what am I supposed to say to that?!
Overall I tried to just sort of fade out quietly but it obviously was coming time to break things off.
Plus I felt like he was kind of pushy (like the back seat parking lot thing he pulled the last time we hung out).

So Laurel hit send on this message before I could over think it and 
"Hey...been a crazy busy week.  Sorry I haven't really gotten back to you and I wanted to talk to you because I don't think I see this moving forward more than a friendship so to be fair I think we should stop hanging out."
And the rest of dinner my phone was silent.
With that Laurel and I headed to see Magic Mike.

Here's the IF you don't know.

Yup. It pretty much was exactly what you think.
We enjoyed it thoroughly.
At least I had some good laughs.

During the previews they had the previews for one of the movies I'm most excited for.
Pitch Perfect.
Yup I'm kind of a nerd!
Afterwards I dropped Laurel off at home where we had some fun girly gossip chatting until late over a glass of wine.
Right before I was leaving I remembered to turn on my phone 
(had it off during the movie).

And got these gems of texts from can see the last of my text message.

Ummm okay....especially the "not cool" part.
I felt like responding..."sorry dude but you made me feel kind of uncomfortable" never mind the whole bad kisser thing.
But I didn't.
I'm pretty sure I won't hear from him again.

So that was my Friday night.
How was your's?
Tonight have a big night planned with drinks out for a birthday party with one of the CanadaCrew (one of Laurel's friends).
Laurel and I are going to get all dolled up.
Should make for fun times...I'll keep you posted.


  1. Honestly, I think you're better off without this one. His grammar during this text drives me insane. He allegedly has a PhD for goodness sake! It's "could have", "and", "anyway", & "distance". UGHHHH

  2. @Beth- Agreed! I know right?! And I think my spelling/grammar is pretty awful but his is atrocious! Maybe he lied about the PhD haha....either way after THAT response I'm glad to be done with that!