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Monday, July 30, 2012

The coworker's wedding

So not this past Saturday but the Saturday before.
I attended my coworker's wedding.
Who I actually have secret plans of becoming friends with haha.

Remember back in January when I went on a double date with her and her fiance?
I had a great time mainly because I was with them.
Anywho nothing ever came of MrMarble and me.

So I got invited to the wedding...the one I had invited MrKent to attend.
So I went solo instead.
I got seated at a table with a bunch of my other married coworkers.
Where the topic of dinner conversation quickly turned into the "why are you single" interrogation.

Oh well I put on a brave face and before I knew it I was being set up.
So I guess that's a good thing.
I ran into MrMarble at the wedding.
And we had the most boring conversation ever.
Bless his heart but I had more interesting conversation with our waiter.

So after a few too many cocktails.
I mean if this isn't a clear indication of a European wedding I don't know what is. about you pour a shot if your cocktail waiter is taking to long or if the open bar is too far of a walk...haha!
I decided to take MrDentalSurgeon up on his offer to pick me up.
After all I was all dolled up in a short black cocktail dress and fascinator to as well.
So he picked me up in his cute car.
I was actually standing outside with the bride and groom at the time.

And we headed downtown to a club called Muzik.
(Sidenote: I know I have terrible spelling/grammar but I really don't like things spelled like this.  Why not just call it Music or the word for music in another language like Musique (french))...anywho moving on...
I have not been to a club like this in Toronto yet.
Had the sleezy guys outside driving by continuously in Lambo's/Ferrari's.
Pic from here.

The outside was actually quite beautiful and reminded me of Miami.
This picture was actually taken that was crazy busy.
Pic from here.

Pic from here.  The inside.

Pic from here.  The pool outside.

Actually had a really great time.
Though sometimes I wonder if he actually listens to what I say.
And then there is me doing the AWFUL comparison to hewhoshallnotbenamedMrKent.
Just because I worry I didn't see the signs before.
I just find MrDentalSurgeon so hard to read.

So we headed home and pulled over to make out a little bit.
If I was an adult I would actually invite him up but ummm who knows where that would lead.
Though I end up pulling away/slowing down because this feels like I'm 16 making out in a car worried to get caught.
I'm an adult I should just invite him up.
But it makes things a little awkward when you have to ask the security guys for a parking pass at 3:30am a little bit tipsy!

So that's how I ended off my Saturday night.
And enough of feeling exhausted and hung over to cancel my date with MrConsultant...that or my lack of interest...ugh!!!
Maybe I should just stop dating???

Hmmm well I should have told myself that before my next schedule...

Though I still have to catch you up on last Wednesday's date.

Tomorrow I have a dinner date with B (ummm yup forgot to tell you about that).

Wednesday date number two with MrPravda.
Thursday dinner date with Val (yea girlie catch up time).
Friday hanging out with CanadaCrew.
Saturday date with MrDentalSurgeon.
Sunday 30th birthday party with Canada Crew...80's theme...y'all should see my outfit it is RIDICULOUS!
Monday (holiday here) date with MrConsultant.
Wednesday potential date with another new one.
This is getting a little hectic!

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