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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Yoga Diaries~Days 9,10,11 and a quickie weekend update

Friday~Day 9
Didn't go to yoga.
Instead I went home and got ready for "that girl that is getting married soon to that guy that her mom was telling my mom about having to pay for weddings"(I feel like that Miley Cyrus impression on Saturday Night Live with my rambling run on sentance...if you feel the need to get that here...) guy's birthday party.  It was bowling at I guess Canada's version of Lucky Strike.
And wouldn't you know it I was the only single person...awesome (not really).
Here was the rest of the crew...birthday boy and his soon to be fiancee girlfriend.  Her sister and 10 year boyfriend, 2 married couples, and my cousin Bella and her boyfriend (that she wants to dump but can't).
So I hung out that night with 5 couples.
After bowling two games we went and played in their arcade.
Couples went into the hurrican simulator...I watched.
It was a "meh" kind of night.
I should have got sh*tfaced but I drove myself (because I don't have a boy to drive me obviously).
And that also allowed me to wake up for Saturday morning yoga :)

Saturday~ Day 10
Saturday morning yoga.
I invited Shelby to come with me.
We went to class together.
My intention was to have no intention if that makes sense.
I just tried to enjoy the class (with my fav instructor again yea!!!)

Then we went shopping downtown where Shelby got 3 super cute summer dresses.
We hung out and the weather was finally warming up enough to roll down the windows which was nice (hello it's April it should be getting warmer). 
I dropped her off at home and she tried to convince me to go out but I wasn't feeling it.
So instead I went home and did laundry and stuff.

Sunday~ Day 11
I got up and made a breakfast I was randomly craving...not so healthy and everything was so...beige...weird and yes I ate breakfast in bed because there was some randoms sleeping in the living room/open kitchen.

Sorry about the rather phallic looking banana.  Anyway then I went to yoga with my fav instructor. And when I walked in she said "look at you super star" and I just smiled and said "thank goodness for weekends" uhhh pretty sure that didn't make any sense...oh well need to figure out how to better take a compliment.
It made me feel really good that she called me a super star.
This class was all on my own and it was really good.
My fav instructor doesn't teach until Thursday (well at a time I can go).
But I'm going to try and go anyway today...and my mum bailed but I think I will still go.
I went home and attacked my basement to keep up the spring cleaning/organization mission (post to come).
Then Bella came over so we could talk about the possiblity of being roomates/Toronto move.
It was fun and before I knew it the weekend was over.


  1. Hope you got my comment just now on your Keep, Give, Toss, Donate post!

    Your comment on the phallic looking banana made me laugh and reminded me of the movie Brando and I saw today, Your Highness. Worst movie EVER. Don't see it. Way too many phallic objects, jokes, references, and flat out scenes that weren't funny at all like they were trying to be.

    Oh, and yay for warmer weather!

  2. @pinksundrops- I did get your comment!!! Just red the articles...hmmm seems to say it depends on how you look and I think in a few more weeks I may be able to rock a mini...we will play it by ear haha.

    It was only once I uploaded it that I thought is it looked almost inappropriate and it was already in my stomach so no option to rearrange on the plate haha.

    Thank goodness the weather seems to be finally changing. :)

  3. Phallic banana - hahaha!

    You're such a super star.

  4. @A-seriously love your comments hahaha :)