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Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update

I had a surprizingly busy weekend.

Normal kind of work day and then I made it to Yoga (read here) which was much better than Thursday's experience (read here).
I rushed home after yoga to shower and my cousin Bella and her friend came over to hang out, eat some food and watch a movie.

In true Bella form she showed up an hour late (I think I'm just a perpetually on time (which means 10 minutes early) person.  So sometimes I need to relax and realize that not everyone is like this).
She brought over something called WokBox which is a new Asian takeout place in town.
I'm probably hugely biased from living in Asian but I wasn't crazy about it.
It wasn't exactly cheap either but it was nice that Bella's friend treated us.

So then we opened a bottle of wine and decided to watch Black Swan which I've been anxiously awaiting its release.  Here's the trailer...

And it breaks my heart ot say this but I hated it.

****Warning: Movie Spoilers below.****
I thought it was an awful movie.  It was way way WAY too gratuitous I thought.
When I heard there was a lesbian scene I thought it would be some kissing it was a full on oral sex scene with an over the shoulder shot looking down.  How was this movie PG-13??? 
Then there was the weirdo mom who was in the room when Natalie Portman is Brooke-ing herself (haha One Tree Hill reference).
The random Winona Ryder stabbing herself in the face with a metal nail file was weird.
The use of MDMA (which from my understanding is a chemical pure form of Ecstasy) just added to all the hallucinagenic times in the movie.
The dancing was good (I just wish there was way more of this).
Overall I was super duper disappointed.  I'm kind of surprised it won all those awards.
I usually love love love Natalie Portman movies (besides Star Wars which I never really cared for the new ones).  But the whole movie she was either crying or on the verge of crying which just got annoying.
Out of everyone I thought Mila Kunis was pretty good.
I don't know it was just a weird weird movie.  So not my fav at all and I think it should have a significantly increased rating (I don't know think this is cool for a 13 year old).
To sum it up she is pretty much a schizophrenic ballerina who hallucinates a lot in discovering her role in Swan Lake (which coincidently is a ballet and cartoon movie I love...see below!!! Do you remember it?).

We were baffled at the whole movie and disappointed.  I had been really excited to see it.  I would have rather found a copy of the 1981 cartoon and watched that.  But before we knew it it was 1am and we were all super tired...they headed home and I headed straight to bed.

I woke up fairly early and spun yea!
Then it was spring cleaning time.
There will definiteley be a full post about see it all started off with a rather involved lie which was needed.  I will post about it later.

I didn't go to yoga...but I did have a good excuse I couldn't go to the class because with the spring cleaning everything was on the front lawn and I couldn't leave the house all open with all our stuff (people might mistake it for something else and help themselves to stuff).
So later that night instead I did P90X Kempo with Shelby.
Then we made BBQ asparagus with lemon and beef shishkabobs.
We watched part one of the season finale of Project Runway and then we were so so tired that we had an early night.

I woke up early and spun (yea spinning).
Chatted with one of my flatmates from Singapore via skype.
He was all happy because India won the Cricket world cup :)
We talked about me planning a trip to India which I'm dying to go do.
Then I had to leave my place by 10:30am to head to Bella's for her Stella and Dot Party.

She had an awesome spread of cupcakes, squares, veggies, cheese, crackers, wine, sangria, juices and water.  We got it all set up in under an hour and then had a chance to chat.  The lady came to do the jewellery party and set it all up.  The pieces were gorgeous just totally not in my streamlined budget.
My favourite pieces were...

Petra Bracelet $108

The Bracelet is prettier on then just on blank background.

Rachel Necklace $98 (Can be worn single or double strand).

I love love LOVE this jewellry travel case but at $98 it seems overpriced :(

You can be proud of me though I didn't buy anything (and Bella totally didn't care).
I sure was temped though...I just think it is not a "necessity" right now and I need to be all about necessities.

Then I tried to leave for Yoga but Bella and my other cousin Melody wouldn't let me.
In exchange for not going I made Bella promise me a hot yoga first class (she has never been) and a prenatal yoga class (Melody was twelve weeks on Sunday with her first).
So instead we made chicken soft tacos and watched the Apprentice.

It was a great night (besides the hail and snow that pounded down!'s freaking April no more snow please!)  So that was my full and fun weekend.
Last night sleep wasn't great due to a huge thunderstorm that left my poor dog shivering with fear. 
Before I knew it though it's Monday morning and I'm back at work...back to yoga today too!  (Another mom day so let's hope this one goes better than the first).


  1. Glad to hear you didn't like Black Swan. I was almost tempted to watch it.

    Love, love, LOVE that jewelry bag. I totally need something like that for traveling. $98 IS pricey, though. Good for you for not spending anything, and so glad Bella didn't care.

  2. Yea I was so disappointed in it. If you did watch it so not something when the boys are around (which is deceiving with a PG13 rating!)

    I'm going to hunt other places for a jewelry travel case because it seems too pricy but I would love to have something to keep my jewelry nicely when I travel.