Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mishmash of things

Okay this is going to seem really listy and hopefully not too long and random.
  • I still haven't done anything/bought a present for my mom's birthday.  I tried to call her yesterday but they didn't get back from their trip until about 2am today.  She seems irritated at me and my brother (not sure why...she wasn't in the country for her birthday and I did try and call).  Feeling sort of irritated because I really extended myself to get them a Wii for Christmas and now I'm stuck on what to get her for her birthday.  Like I said build myself up for disappointment in her reaction and won't be bad but now it feels like she is disappointed before I even have a chance to give her anything grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Also I noticed that previous birthday gift she doesn't even wear/ a chocolate brown diamond and white diamond ring that I busted my butt to get her 2 years ago that sits in the safe...she hasn't worn it in this last 6 months that I have been back home in this country.  This year's budget friendly gift is sure to disappoint as soon as I can figure out exactly what it will be. 
  •  Currently multi-tasking and watching Live to Dance and it makes me want to take more dance lessons.  I would love to take ballet or contemporary but are there classes for beginner-ish levels for people who are 29???  I would love to focus on this and really put some effort in it.  About 2 years ago I took a hip hop class and was kind of disappointed that it seemed more like a fitness/cardio class than a dance class.  I would love to take a class that builds weekly on structured choreography...not that I think I am this amazing dancer I just would love to take it semi-seriously (like everything else in life).
  • Working on my new years resolutions to be published but they are taking some time I'm trying to get them juuuuuuuuuuuuuust right.
  • Okay so since I'm new to blogging (just over a month) I like to also look for other blogs to follow.  I have simply fallen in love with some blogs and have become hooked.  I feel like such a nerd because some of them I want to like email (can't really figure out how to do that) especially when I can identify with them or laugh with them or cry with them or feel their joy with them.  I sometimes want to comment and don't because I don't want to come across as stalker-ish.  I know that some people maybe like comments (I know I do) but I feel sort of shy doing that...sometimes I want to like comment on like every single post!  Today I found a blog that I just was hooked on and immediately signed on to follow.  I know Taylor's blog has led to her having great friendships with other bloggers so maybe it's not so weird.  And I'm totally doing that thing again where I really care what others think...and I don't even know them!  Geez maybe that should be resolution to stop worrying so much about what others think.
  • I need to work on myexboyfriend project but its not flowing recently so I'm not going to force it plus I have some really really big things coming up in about a months time so I need to focus on that ...more about that later.
  • I got 2 (of the 6) of the half packed suitcases back from Spencer's country.  They are half packed suitcases because my parents, and basically 2 aunts and 2 uncles ushered my things back in their own luggage.  So I commenced unpacking them...knowing it would be hard.  Knowing it would make my heart ache and trying to prepare for myself but heck they had to get unpacked sometime.  Well as I was unpacking I realized a few things.
    • My whole life fit in 3 full suitcases and 2 small boxes (how is that for downsizing!)
    • All my memories were related to souvenirs, clothes etc were all happy memories (which is a little frustrating (more about THAT later)). 
    • Living away for just over a year in Asia I did accumulate some random things like costumes from theme parties and with the falling in love getting engaged/married in Asia I also accumulated lingerie (I know I'm such a romantic!) so all I can do now is laugh because my family probably thinks I'm a total freak!!! Between hot pink leggings/sequined booty shorts/legwarmers/lacefingerless gloves/tutu/wigs (all halloween/theme party costumes) and my matching delicate thongs/camisoles/balcony bras/satin negligees (pseudo-honeymoon attire) my entire family probably thinks I'm a freak and I'm TOTALLY embarrassed.  I called Eva to tell her about it and we sat and just laughed because what else could I do and how else could all of this ridiculousness have ended up???
  • Taylor comes in 10 days and I'm sooooooooooooooooo ready and sooooooooooooooooo excited and I'm really happy that my other girlfriends from Canada are really tyring to put in effort to hang out with us that weekend and we will even shack up one night either at Eva's or Val's place
  • This weekend is Quinn's 30th birthday celebration festivities (yet one more thing to look forward to!)
How is that for mishmash?!
Until to spin just a little closer to Toronto (check out my counter below)


  1. OMG, the "spin to toronto" ticker cracks me up!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Way to have such a FUN exercise goal!!


  2. Try zumba! As a former cheerleader, I think you'll love it. I know I do. Exercise & dancing.

  3. Oh my goodness I'm so going to look into Zumba. Thanks for the tip Liz.