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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It feels good to let your heart show

2010 Winter Olympics Montage - Stephen Brunt Video Essay
I cannot watch this video without getting goosebumps...okay I will be honest watching it brings tears to my eyes.  It is the PERFECT description of how it felt to be Canadian during the Olympics in Vancouver.  I watched the opening ceremonies in Asia with the most recent Ex, my bestie Taylor and my brother.  We ate breakfast and watched it (with us being 12 hours ahead).  I remember it like yesterday standing there being AMAZED at what was going on in Vancouver.  All the way in Asia feeling the trepidation those first few days of the Olympics and the gradual build of the Games.  Watching closing ceremonies as it wrapped up and even though we didn't win the most medals, we totally one the most GOLD medals (the most in all history of the games I think).  I am proud.  In reality there are a lot worse places to be living in the world.  I should count my blessings that I live in such a great country that has beautiful people with big hearts.  I think the Canadian compassion and character is distinguishable in a great way.  There is a reason people from other countries sew my country's flag on their backpacks.


  1. I worked for the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake in the Olympic Village & I remember feeling that way. So proud to be American. And the Canadians were my favorites. They complained the least & were always so nice.

  2. Liz...I'm SO jealous how fun to work at the Olympic Village! I bet that must have been so incredible being in your own country and being able to see the spirit and all those phenomenol athletes. Awww how nice that the Canadians were respectful. I know there is always not nice people in certain countries etc (not all Canadians and polite or perfect by any means). But in general I always feel at home with my fellow North Americans :)

  3. I feel so lucky to live so close to the Canada/USA border, because I don't know if I'd realize how AWESOME the Canadian spirit is otherwise. Seriously! Love your country. Love your country's people!

  4. Awwww thanks A! And I loved that living here (when I used to anyway) I wouuld do ALL my shopping over the border. I want to say Somerset??? (but I could be wrong). My other fav activity is visiting one of my best friends from graduate school becasue he took me to my first USA College football game and now works in that beautiful college town :) We are going to try and make a yearly tradition of it. (Now that I again live on this side of the world). Go Wolverines!