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Monday, August 15, 2011

Pretending like it ain't no thing...

So I'm going to pretend that I don't notice that every day on my drive home I drive past one of the three bridal stores (one of two in Toronto) where I went to try on dresses.
Every day.
There is no real route around it.

I know it doesn't look like much from the outside but it had super high priced wedding gowns.
This store was where I tried on this dress.

You know the one that immediately grabs your eye in a magazine.
It was the first one that I tore out and put in my wedding binder.
It was perfect becuase it had all my requirements no lace/beading and pockets/huge big ballgown.
It made me happy to actually realize I didn't like it on (thought the fabric was luxurious!) because it was $6000 versus my $900 still totally useless wedding dress.
But it sure was beautiful...on the model.
In real life if you didn't pose exactly like this model (which made me think of chicken wings for some reason) it gapped all weird away from the body.

So me, I'm going to pretend that it ain't no thing...
Happy Monday...

Pic from here

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