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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Teagan Car Curse and fun with paint

Okay y'all I'm cursed.
You might be saying to yourself..."duh Teagan you are DEFINITELY cursed" re: my entire life...especially in the "boy" department.
Anywho it is about time you learned about my car curse.

Yes it is true I am cursed with cars.
Not accident wise (thank goodness).
But they seem to fall apart around me.

Case and point.
  • Upon moving to Texas as soon as I crossed the border from Canada into the USA...I lost the entire electrical panel... no speedometer, no odometer, no gas indicator NADAH (and let me tell you that is a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG drive without those things).
  • On the way back from Austin (for a wedding) the truck in which a group of us were traveling (including the FABULOUS Taylor) just stopped working halfway back to Dallas.  We literally pulled into a pizza store awaited a big tow flat bed and had to have a friend drive to pick us up.
  • Flat tire on exam day...the DAY AFTER another flat tire (different tire) on exam day and I would have missed the exam if Will haden't hauled butt to come get me in the nick of time.
You get the idea...therefore it should really have come to no surprize that after a week of moving to Toronto the automatic transmission blew on my car.
So on Sunday my parents were sweet enough to exchange cars.
As I drove them around in their car that I was to borrow for the week...this happened...(reminder this is THEIR car not MINE that had similar light up panel issues)...

Yes I'm not kidding.
At least it happened in front of them.

But now it is like a tease...
Initially the lights are off and then they come on with an annoying shrill beep.  And stay on.
When I looked into it...the drivers manual says THIS!!!

So then I followed instructions and refered to pages 72 and 73

Uh oh.
I seriously am car cursed.
How annoying.
But at least I had fun messing around in paint.


  1. LOVE that paint commentary. LOVE IT.

  2. Thanks...hmmm perhaps will use it again in the future. :)