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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Update

Came home from work exhausted and just did some cleaning.
I also watched Bridesmaids which was still hilarious.
Made me a little worried that I will be perpetually single but hey that is my usual stress.

I spent the day cleaning up the house.
Then I tried to run again.
I had taken four days off because I suspect I tore my medial meniscus.
Suspicion confirmed...running became excruciating even though I powered through my distance and my pace were awful.
Turns out I likely need a few weeks off which is annoying because I was just getting into the swing of things.
Super duper annoyed about that.
So then I set myself to make dinner for Eva, Jane and their husbands because I figured after their long flight back from Rome they would be hungry for non airplane and non restaurant food.

Saute Onions

Add crushed tomatoes

Add a ton of white wine

Pork tenderloin (I used 4 for us)

When they are golden add everything else

The crushed tomatoes

I told you it was a ton of wine

Crushed chilis for heat

Add the pork

Add 6 bay leaves

Paired with roasted potatoes, sweet potato, onion and carrots

So this is what I set about making.
Oh yea and a big garden salad and baguette too.
They were happy with it.
I had a dessert to make but they were too stuffed.

So we are going to make it another day.

Seriously how spoiled am I?
Look at the adorable keychain they brought me back.

Things I love about it...the key (I'm sort of obsessed with them too), and it has pink and it has hearts.
Really it is perfect.
The rest of the day was spent bumming around, doing laundry, ironing, blogging, icing the knee, debating about joining a dating website and just getting ready for the week.
Oh yes and my parents came by for us to exchange cars again.
It was a rather pleasant time because I had Eva and her husband which sort of acts like a buffer.
Things have been getting better with my parents.
Case and point my mum brought me too new pairs of yoga pants just because.
We obviously do so much better when we don't live in the same city.
It's just easier.
So anywho...I got a lot accomplished but seemed like yet another rather uneventful weekend.
I need to get the social Teagan back out there I just have to figure out how to enter that world again.


  1. When I first moved to San Francisco, I didn't know anyone at all. After my first week there, I had a total freak out meltdown where I was ready to just give up and go home. But my grandma talked me into giving it a full month and to try to get a place to live with roommates so I could meet people. I've been in California 9 years now and I'm so glad that I gave it that month, because everything changed for me pretty rapidly. Hang in there and you will start meeting people. I actually think a dating site would be perfect for you to try out. They don't work for everyone, but I've heard tons and tons of success stories!

  2. YUM! You are such a great friend!

    I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it feels better soon! :(

    Re: the dating website. Maybe it doesn't hurt to try. Will give you great writing material. Will probably help you keep Jacob at bay and there's always the possibility of that special someone being right out there waiting for you! :) :) :)

  3. @Liz- Thanks hearing that you did it and it worked out so well is super encouraging (the giving California thing a chance not the dating website thing haha). I told the girls I would give it a just over 11 months to go if it doesn't all work out ;)

    @A- Boo it is torn (medial meniscus) annoying. I'm going to be forced to actually rest which hasn't been in my vocabulary ever. Hmmmm point taken at the worst it will give me writing material haha. And likely need to keep Jacob very very much at bay preferably across one (or at least a lake).

  4. That looks delicious. I'm super jealous. I love cooking but haven't done it lately because I feel like I'm going going going 24-7. I need to step back, grab a bottle of wine, and make some good food and maybe that will make me feel better! :) And as for the dating site, you should DEFINITELY try it out. I know several people who it has worked out for including marriages. Good luck!