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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Femme Fatale

So I'm so so exited for Britney's new CD.
I love her music so much.
And YES I love that it is totally produced and put together manufactured and super fun.

I wrote about how much I loved her performances here before.
Seeing her on GMA I felt bad how people were ripping her apart.
I thought she did well and improved with each song performance.

Then on Jimmy Kimmel I thought she was funny (it reminded me of skits she did on SNL before).

And I thought it was her best performance yet!

Go Britney I can't wait to get her album this weekend.

In case you missed when she was on SNL the first time...
Here is her opening monologue...

Here are her fav is the dance audition
Then in 2002...Love how Justin Timberlake showed up in her opening monologue!

And her SNL performances...


  1. Love her. Totally need to download the album. Is anything more perfect for the gym? I think not.

  2. THAT is an excellent point. Perfect workout music :)