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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It's been a good past 24 hours.
So last night I worked out with my friend Shelby.
We've been friends since our undergraduate days. 
Then we did the same graduate school except I went to Texas and she stayed in Canada.
So we are the same profession.

She just recently moved back to my home town to start her own business.
So it's been good having her here both personally and professionally.
We aren't nearly as close as "the girls" but it takes time to develop those kind of relationships I guess.
Anywho she came over last night and we worked out for an hour (P90X is killing me but in a great way!)

Then my cousin Bella came over and I cooked them a dinner and we got all set to watch the Season Finale of the Bachelor (I know I know trash TV but I love it).
Ack!  I keep forgetting to take pictures of food because some blogs that I follow do such a great job I feel like I'm reading a food magazine...I'm talking to you ladies (Goldilocks, GirlfromFlorida and PinkSunDrops).

Anywho I made a quick stirfry (so it would be fast because I prepped all the veggies before hand and had them all in white bowls beside the stove) with carrots, sprouts, bamboo shoots, brocolli, snap peas, mushrooms, shrimp, and peppers.  I steamed some wild rice (which actually isn't rice at all!) to go with it and Shelby brought some nice white wine.
Then randomly my parents stopped by to pick up something and it was all 6 of us (me, Shelby, Bella, my brother, and my parents) watching the Bachelor.
It definitely was an interesting finale.
He picked Emily. 

She certainly didn't seem too pleased on the After the Final Rose Special.
But I always secretly hope that it will work out however, the statistics are not in their favour.

It's cool that the next Bachelorette is Ashley the Dentist.

It was randomly announced on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
Missed it because it was too late? Here it is.

I am still messed up on daylight savings time so I was wide awake.
I figured she was way too madeover and styled on the reunion show to NOT be absolutely the next bachelorette.  Guess we will have to wait until May to see how it all turns out. 
So I was pretty sleepy this morning.

But I came into work and one of the guys who works here (relax he's way older and married haha)brought me some of the Maple Syrup that his family makes.
How sweet is that? 

I did blur out the family name and website in case he didn't want me splashing it around on the web.  But I can email anyone the website if they were dying for some good Canadian Maple Syrup.
Maybe I will use some to make French Toast (because I can't remember the last time I had French Toast) if my friend Jane comes to visit this weekend like we talked about.

And from my morning green tea today....

yippee!!! (FYI the "win coffee" gets you any size of any hot beverage there!)
Maybe things are turning around :)
On another Roll Up the Rim News...did you know they have a device to make this even easier?  I'm not sure if this is made up or if you can actually buy this.
I'm a nerd but I think it's kind of cool!
Check it out.

 How is that for being positive????

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  1. Okay so: I had no idea that wild rice wasn't actually rice. The things you learn!

    And I need that roller-upper (that has to be the name of that device, no?) because, seriously, I don't look all that adorable gnawing on my cups.

  2. Yup wild rice is a grass (still a grain though). I think it must be a roller-upper and I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for where to buy one. I'll let you know how it goes haha. xo

  3. I didn't realize in my hermit state that it is quite unadorable to gnaw at a cup...thanks for pointing that out. I think I totally do this in public all the time!