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Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patricks Day Recap

Okay so here is how last night went...remember yesterday I was dreading it? (read here) bullets.

  • Met Shelby at her work (downtown) and we walked past lines of HUNDREDS of girls in booty shorts and bikini tops.  Yup in Canada.  I remember thinking Taylor, the Texas girls and I were so risque in our funny yet suggestive saying t-shirt and jeans.  Not so much.
  • I would not wait 2 hours in line for an overcrowded bar so we went for dinner first in a place that was half full of business people and half full of DRUNK university students which provided many funny the kid who thought he was making his way to the bathroom but instead walked into a couple on a date's booth.
  • We left the restaurant and venture right back in the thick of the bar areas with still hundreds of people lined up at now 8:30pm  and luckily (SARCASM FONT)  Shelby knew people in line so we literally jumped in with them (people in line were too drunk to even protest or be coherent that we did that).  We only waited 10 minutes (granted Shelby's friends had already been in line for an hour and 45 minutes!).
  • Once inside it smelt like sweaty people and spilt beer (super gross).
  • Random event of the night...this guy wanted to take a picture of me and I protested and protested tried the "I'm shy" line and everything and then my group was like just take a picture with him so he will go I did.  Then I had the WEIRDEST feeling that I went to high school with that guy but I didn't want to approach them and ask them.  Plus I feel like such a b*tch because of basically walking the halls of high school looking at the ground I really don't recognize people from that time in my life (selective amnesia?!)  Anyway it was so weird and then for a second I thought it was Dave (Cammy's ex from highschool and Nathan's cousin) but then I really didn't want to approach them but it was definitely weird.
  • I did get to practice my "Cover Story" for now which was good.  My cover story is what I give to new acquantances.  It is goes something like this...I just moved back from an amazing experience working and traveling in Asia and I'm waiting another 2 weeks for my paperwork to go through and then plan a move to either Toronto or Vancouver (big smile) then I ask them a question to quickly divert attention away.  What do you think?  Sounds better than this...well I moved back to be with my fiance/husband but we ran into a little immigration issue but continued to plan our big wedding for this year.  Then he changed his mind and told me over the phone he wasn't happy, pulled the immigration paperwork and now I have to piece my life together again.  ...Doesn't quite have the same effect does it?  But I ran the first story a few times and it felt okay enough.
  • Met a couple that were the cutest here is the rundown of "their story".  He was working in Florida (insert shiver because seriously why Florida again?!?!?! (that's were Spencer is)) but is orginally from Kentucky.  He met his girlfriend while she was there for a week.  Instant connection/love at first sight blah blah blah.  They did the long distance thing for a few weeks and decided it was insane to continue that way.  He asked her to move to the US she said "hell no", so he picked up and moved to Canada and they've been living here for the last year and a half.  Cute right?  Nice to know some boys feel that their girl is worth it.  So I smiled big and said "what a great story".  And tried to quickly erase it from my mind.
  • Then everyone started doing Irish Carbombs (there is NO way I could do that shot in a million years plus I was driving so no drinks for this kid). I instead was token drink action shot picture taker.

    • From 
      Irish Car Bomb is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. The ingredients are simple and widely available, and beer lovers will almost certainly enjoy it. If you ask for one of these in an Irish pub you'll be greeted with either a smile, or a black eye. Enjoy!

      3/4 pint Guinness® stout
      1/2 shot Bailey's® Irish cream
      1/2 shot Jameson® Irish whiskey
      Add the Bailey's and Jameson to a shot glass, layering the Bailey's on the bottom. Pour the Guinness into a pint glass or beer mug 3/4 of the way full and let settle. Drop the shot glass into the Guinness and chug. If you don't drink it fast enough it will curdle and increasingly taste worse.
  • The only picture I took with my own cell phone (the rest were with different peoples camera) was to send to Will.  With the message of this... "Happy St. Patty's Day...go figure I'm in Canada and there is all kinds of hockey and Canadian memoribilia everywhere except for THIS on the ceiling...GO BLUE!"
  • Around 11:30 I suggested we go home and Shelby was game because she had an early start to work the next day.  I think overall it went okay.  Part of me feels like I was pretty shy and quiet and wasn't as interactive/social as I am usually (well before all the mess).  But it's a step.  I'm also just not one for drunken nights.  I'm not against a fun night but I don't think necessarily planning to get blitzed is a way to have fun...but if it happens to be a bi-product that is okay :)
  • I ALMOST FORGOT***new addition...on the way home we walked past a girl talking to three guys and she said, "yea she's just mad because she didn't get any dick in her tonight"  both Shelby and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.  This is unbelievable I cannot think of any time any of my friends would say this.  We were baffled that this is what's being said.  Maybe we are getting old.
  • I talked to my brother after and he was like "'re used to nicer high end places...these places are for slutty girls and drunk guys.  It's really not your style."  I guess he is right and maybe I'm a little to snobby.  But give me guys in suits in hotel bars or in golf/tennis attire at a country club ANYtime over what they were in last night.  The only guy that turned my head last night was in a varsity style jacket (go figure!  well it was not an actual varsity jacket I'm not looking for a student haha...who am I kidding I'm not looking for anyone).
  • So I survived and now I have the weekend to look forward to and Jane comes to visit tomorrow :)  So excited I have a plan to get rid of a bunch of stuff and leave it behind me.  Like my wedding dress from Spencer and my quicky ceremony in Asia etc.  It is sure to be a cathartic weekend.  And another step closer to moving on. 
  • It would be an even better weekend if I the test results were out!!!  This is pure torture waiting but really as of today it's 9 days maximum of waiting more.  Fingers crossed.


    1. Are you kidding me? That picture of the block M makes my heart BURST with joy. Go Blue, indeed! ...especially basketball. :) lost last night, but it was to the team that The Coach, uh, I'm okayish with it.

      Also: I think your "cover" story is perfectly fine and smart. People you just meet don't need your entire life story. Ya'll can get into the details later. If necessary.

    2. Yea! I totally love UofM and almost got into a bar fight (not by choice) in Texas when we went to the local Ohio State Alumni Bar and was wearing a UofM shirt. It was tradition for me, Will, and our other classmate (a Buckeye) to watch the game there every year and usually its pretty tame but someone totally tried to push me (thank goodness I was with two boys!) It is my official American school that I get to claim (as Will says). I think the cover story is definitely needed. :) xo

    3. Eeeee! Love that. Best American school EVER. You have fantastic taste. :)

    4. Ohio/michigan bar fights made it all the way to texas?!?!?? LMAO, NOW THAT'S HILARIOUS!!