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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Creature in the Tank

Sometimes I've been know to be a little bit of a prankster.
Not sure why but I have been really amused lately at work because of this.
But I can't decide if I'm mean or if it really is quite funny.

So we have this in our office.
See the creature inhabiting it?


Look again.

Closer...still no?

That's because there is nothing there.
It used to at one time be a fish tank except things kept dying.
In fact there hasn't been fish in there for more than 5 years!
But they keep the tank there.

So from my vantage point I see many countless people.

Peer into the tank looking for a creature.

Sometimes (this it the mean part) I innocently ask "oh you can't see them?"
Sometimes even go as far as "tap the glass and maybe they will move and make it easier for you to see".

If they are a particular rude person I keep it to myself that there is not actually some kind of creature in there.
If they are a nice polite person I giggle and confess that there isn't anything in there.
Maybe I'm just mean but I have to figure out something to amuse myself here.
Here's hoping this is my last two weeks here (all my fingers and toes are crossed) and I passed my tests.
So I don't have to find my amusement through the tank.

PS Can you see grass peeking through outside?  Spring is coming!

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