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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Perfecting my Prat-iness in Seven Parts

So Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.
St. Patrick is not the Saint of Guinness or Drunkenness.

He is the Patron Saint of Ireland.

So back to perfecting my prat-iness and making this all about me.
Hmmm maybe I'm venting/complaining so much
I should change my blog name to "Teagan B. Sawyer's Vent to Paris"...doesn't quite have the same ring to it though.

Here I go...

1. I'm freaking about my test results.  I thought I would hear yesterday (due to my scientific rationalization yesterday see here).  Since I didn't hear anything I (mistakenly???) think surely it means I must have failed.  Stressing big time.  I want to pass so darn bad so I'm hundreds of times a day obsessively hitting refresh on my inbox.

2.  Spencer (enough said).

3. My cousin Bella is having a Stella and Dot party.  And while it's great when people have a Tupperware/Southern Living/Pampered Chef parties I'm feeling the guilt that I have to buy something.  As much as I do generally like the jewellery and isn't in the budget.  Accessories are the last thing I need to be spending my money on.  I'm annoyed because though I feel totally comfortable venting to the blogging world about budgeting etc.  I don't want to have to fully explain myself to her or look like a total tool by not buying anything at this party. 

4.  Woke up at 4am because of awesome cramps.  May be the endometriosis that I likely have.  Suffered for 2 hours until a heat pack and pure exhaustion finally kicked in so didn't get a lot of sleep.  BUT I think that Friday/Saturday's tiraid (see here) can now be explained by PMS.

5.  If one more f-ing person in my family goes on a trip to Florida and tells me all about it I'm going to scratch my eyes out.  (Literally someone has gone EVERY week since Christmas).  This will also make more sense when I have my Spencer chapters in full.  I used to be a travel queen now I'm stuck here.  Gosh I sure do want to get the heck out of here.

6. I finally heard back from Will (my friend that I invited to be my "plus one" at Eva's wedding).  He wants to "think about the wedding thing" because he doesn't want to piss off the girlfriend (which I understand) BUT she goes to weddings and many other events without him all the time (this bothers me because I think she is still kind of "hiding him" though they have been dating for over a year!).  I'm just annoyed because we are friends and never crossed the line ever so...I think he should come with me.  Plus this is the only time I have ever asked this of him.  And I totally need him there. 

7.  It's St. Patrick's Day and my friend Shelby wants to go out.  I don't.  I can't think of anything worse then fighting drunken crowds at bars.  And not that I'm someone special but I don't see the point in waiting in line to get into a crowded bar just to drink.  Also I'm driving so I won't be drinking (not that I have to drink to have fun).  However, Shelby is really pushing hard to go (like saying we can just grab dinner if its really crowded (but I totally think she's lying ~I do mean that in the nicest way possible~...I think she wants to be out and make a night of it) and I don't want to be mean.  After all at some point she may just stop inviting me out (which would be a super step back in my mission to be more social).  I just really think this will not be fun at all.  I didn't used to be such a party pooper... in fact I recall many AWESOME St. Patrick's Days in Texas with Taylor.  I just don't seem to have it in me this year.  So I will likely force myself to go.


  1. Drinking holidays are lame. I have found that, for every one that is fun, 22 aren't. End of story.

    Blogs are for venting. You don't even have to change the name! ;)

  2. You are EXACTLY right. Most of the drinking holidays are boring and multiplied when you are not drinking. I've never seen so much skin and interesting lines being thrown around. Gross. And no blog name change for now :) xo