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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Shower

Soooooo good news.
The baby shower wasn't that bad.
There weren't too many horrible moments.
I was able to hold my head high and make it out alive.

It was only a little awkward at points.
When people asked me what I was planning on doing now.
I think the answer of "well I'm waiting for my test scores to come in two weeks and then I'll go from there...excuse me I'm just going to get a refill of tea" was decent enough.

I was complimented on my outfit and how "southern" (read American) it was.
This is what I wore.

Which I totally took as a compliment.
I definitely don't seem to quite fit in with my family or their style.
I'm pearls, cardigans and Aline skirts. 
They are European silk mini dresses and chunky jewelry.
Parts of me wish I knew some of them better but it's like I don't know how to make that step.

One person said, "too bad you traded out Florida for here...this weather is miserable"
I didn't even acknowledge that wasn't exactly a choice.
And frankly I didn't know what to say.
I literally also was the only single person there over the age of 14.

Sometimes I found it difficult to contribute to conversations that were about babies and husbands. 
Do these women who are complaining know how badly I would like a husband etc.?
When I did talk a little about moving to a bigger city, it was met with not much enthusiasm either.
Someone said that places "like Toronto" were good for people like me who were "single".
Sometimes it is not so much what is said but how it is said.

In all reality it pretty much unfolded like I would expect it to.
A fully catered lunch, with a dessert table twice as long as the lunch buffet.
Plenty of wine, sangria etc.
It was a "small" baby shower for our family only 68 women.
The usual baby shower games of chocolate bars melted in baby diapers, string measure of how big the expectant mum is, etc.

The shower favour was a washcloth that was folded up to look like a cupcake (very cute).
And the colour scheme was lime green and chocolate.

A gender neutral colour scheme because they still don't know what they are going to have.
Overall I would say success.

It makes me less nervous for the bridal shower next weekend.
Though I think it might be a little more difficult to keep in the emerald-eyed version of myself.
The selfish part of me really wants to have these celebrations for myself.
I guess I will just have to hold out hope that at some point in my life it will happen.
Part of me really starts to analize everyone around me and ask what is so different about me?  Why am I alone?  Then I quickly try to push these thoughts from my mind because I certainly don't have the answers yet.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you survived the baby shower. The bridal shower will probably be a bit more difficult, but I'm sure you can make it through that too! :)

  2. PS Definitely a cute outfit! :)

  3. Yes I'm actually kind of dreading the bridal shower actually. Did I mention that this bride is getting married at the same venue, using the same photographer and same florist as I had booked? Thank goodness the wedding day is the same as Eva's so I don't have to go or else I think I couldn't do it at all. Thanks I'm loving all the grey and yellow stuff that is out (though admittingly this is an old outfit and shoes that I matched together). xo

  4. Ugh that is awful that it so many things that were supposed to be part of your wedding. I'm glad you don't have to attend the actual wedding though and just keep trying to remember that everything happens for a reason so you'll be on to bigger and better things soon enough! Still cute even if it's an old outfit! :)