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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Musings

It's Mother's Day here (I do recognize some countries celebrate on different days etc).
I won't see my mum today.
Not because I'm an evil daughter and am refusing to celebrate it.

We've had our ups and downs...and in general I crumble.
I even substituted for her and her spa yesterday so she could go away for the weekend to Niagara Falls with my Dad (hence not seeing my mum on Mother's Day).
Despite all the craziness that has been happening lately, I sucked it up.
And I will try to ignore that everytime I work there she takes without even asking I give her 100% of my paycheck.

My only living grandparent (my Grandma) is in Portugal on vacation.
So this Mother's Day I will spend cleaning and organizing (Yes I'm STILL working on all that that I think I first wrote about here).
I was STUMPED for Mother's Day after all I had a hard enough time with her birthday gift (read about that here).
So I just made reservations at a restaurant downtown that I think is AMAZING for Monday night.
I hope she likes it...though I know not to hold my breathe.

Happy Mother's Day out there to everyone.

PS On a side note...every day gets a little easier without Spencer though I would like it to be resolved as soon as possible (haven't heard from him at all even though he was supposed to file on May 1st)...this morning thinking of Mother's Day I got a little pit in my stomach.  Only last year,  Spencer (of his own volition) called my mum to wish her a happy mother's day...I didn't even THINK of doing this for his mum (I know bad new daughter-in-law)  my excuse was I was 2 days away from moving back to North America from Asia and I was freaking out a little stressed.  This makes me feel much everything has changed in just one year...but I guess it should give me hope for how different perhaps 1 year from now can  will be.

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