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Monday, May 2, 2011

More Royal Wedding Insider Knowledge...

All this information is from this site (here)...I just simplified it and added photos because I love pictures...

Here are some of the things that signified Prince William's late mother Diana...

The Engagment Ring.  Prince William is quoted as saying, "It's my mother's engagement ring,” he told the press of the sapphire and diamond engagement heirloom. “Obviously she's not going to be around to share any of the fun and excitement of it all -- this was my way of keeping her close to it all."

They recited their vows at the Westminster Abbey, the historic church where Diana’s memorial was held for 3 million mourners in 1997, and where she was married to Prince Charles.

 Bishop of London Richard Chartres, who also spoke at Diana's memorial, gave the wedding sermon.

During the musical portion of the ceremony, the first hymn sung was "Guide Me Thou, O Great Redeemer," the same song that concluded Di's funeral service and memorial service, 10 years after her death.

The Bridal bouquet of Sweet William dotted with Lily of the Valley, a staple of Diana's wedding bouquet.

The Wedding vows, Kate again summoned Di’s independent spirit, by omitting the term “obey”. It was the one battle Diana Spencer picked when she agreed to marry Prince Charles. At the time, the break in tradition caused outrage among royal-watchers.

Diana’s favorite fashion photographer, Mario Testino, snapped their engagement photo.

Carole, Kate's mother, stood in solidarity with her fellow mother-in-law. Her sky blue shantung dress was designed for the occasion by the house of Catherine Walker, Di's favorite designer. Walker, who died last year, designed at least 1,000 looks that defined Diana's style in her lifetime, including the black dress she was buried in.

For her wedding in 1981 Diana had little say in the guest list. But after her divorce, the people’s princess kept herself surrounded with a close-knit circle, some of them in attendance today, including dear friends Tessa Green and Elton John, who refashioned his song Candle in the Wind in her memory.

John, along with over 1,000 other official guests, were asked by the couple to make charitable donations in lieu of gifts. Of all the bricks that built Diana’s legacy, her humanitarian work was a cornerstone.

As William bit his lip nervously, standing at the altar with his bride, just as his mother did on her wedding day. It was a reminder to the millions of viewers who've watched the prince become a man, he's still his mother's son.

How sweet and special and respectful and just plain lovely...


  1. Awww, I LOVE that last side-by-side of Princess Diana and William.

    I have an interesting facts comment on the wedding, too, but I'm not sure if I'll post it. Here are the links I would include with it if I do, though. Found them fascinating!

    Here's Catherine's biography on the official UK website: .

    Here's an official wedding site, too: .

    The first site is linked to from this British Monarchy site, so I am thinking it's accurate: and the first site links to the official wedding site, so I am thinking that site is accurate as well.

  2. @pinksundrops- Please please post!!! I think I left it too long to check those linke because for some reason only the middle one works. I am loving all this stuff...makes me want to pick up a biography of some of the royals at the library :)