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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to the Blog

it's unusual for me to be away.
And to not have posts in advance.
But I slacked...oopsie.

So much to catch up on.
Including but not limited to (I'm such a dork)...
  • Job Interviews (yup with an S)
  • Ottawa Trip
  • Toronto Trip (yes in the same weekend).
  • A Lululemon Bridal Shower.
  • Dress shopping (turns out that long dress here wasn't doing it for me).
  • Lecture from the Fam (what long weekend would it be without one).
  • Train rides from hell.
  • Scoring a number or was it my number was scored?
  • PeptoBismol Shots in a bar (not taken by me obviously).
  • Chewing on contacts.
  • Bridesmaids movie review.
  • Books on tape.
  • The 'brary Drama.
  • Yesterday was the 24th...lots of significance will explain later.
Gosh so much has happened so I will work on updating it all.

But in fun distracting celebdramagossip KimK news (because she can make me feel better about so many things like my curvy figure and she had a failed first marriage).
She apparently got engaged! (curb the emerald eye girl action... and just be happy for her is what I'm going for... besides how can you be envious of someone you totally don't know? Bizarre right?)
Anywho...big congrats out to the BEAUTIFUL Kim Kardashian soon to be Humphries.
Because though my emerald eyes may shine... the truth of the matter she gives me hope for my (body/lovelife/success) future.

Off to blog some posts!

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