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Monday, July 18, 2011

Things going on today...

  • I can't figure out my annoying signature thing at the top on this specific computer and it is driving me nuts.
  • I'm clearly procrastinating from getting ready and hoping in the shower.
  • I have a meeting at noon today with the person I will officially be reporting to starting next Monday.
  • I am confirming a place to live (that isn't available until September 5th)
  • This leaves me with crashing at a friends place (optional but don't want to impose), staying with MM (I'm kidding...well he offered but that would be so awkward even if he is offering to sleep on the couch), or commuting 5 hours a day (obviously my least favourite option).
  • My new iPod comes in today woot woot!
  • I need to pack or rather unpack and repack for suitcase living for the next 7 weeks.
  • I have huge list of things to do.
  • I have a date with MM this afternoon...haven't seen him in about two weeks (he has been in Cali on business)...we chatted everyday via text...but I'm not sure if something is "off" or what or maybe it is just me reading wayyyyyyyyyyy too much into it and it's just we haven't seen each other in awhile.
  • I'm wondering if today is the day for a first kiss.
  • So much is happening all at once but at the same time not at all.
  • This limbo and waiting is about to fast forward into real life business.
  • I can't wait.

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