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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last weekend update that I'm only getting to this weekend

This past week has been CRAZY!
Half moving to Toronto and starting the new job has been so super busy.
So last weekend I moved into Eva and her husbands place.

The same day as his birthday.
I wish I had taken way more pictures.
There was a BBQ and friends came over and it was so much fun.
Val, Quinn and her husband were well as a bunch of Eva's husband's friends who we haven't seen since their wedding (here).
It was nice to catch up with them again.
AND...Eva's husband's brother was there...who happens to be like best friends with MM.
He was the one MM was playing tennis with last Sunday before he started to go MIA.
The girls were curious to see how he would act around me...but he seemed normal.
So maybe there is just no explanation about MM.
Eva's husband told me..."Teagan, you know what you do when someone doesn't like you anymore??? You don't like them back."
It is such a "boy" thing to if it is that simple.
And as if I didn't read a million things into his comment...hmmm he said when someone doesn't like you anymore...does that mean he heard from his brother that MM doesn't like me anymore ...and all the other things that I read way too far into for my own good.
Sighhhh this post is not about MM (who I haven't heard from) so moving on...

We ended the evening playing Croquenole (said like CROW-ka-no...the LE is silent).
This is a SUPER duper Canadian thing.
My friends grandparents played it when they were kids.
It is a typical game found in a Canadian cottage.
Eva and her husband have two boards (that is how hardcore they are about Croquenot)

It was my first time playing and it was super fun.
We all played for hours.
The game apparently was invented in the 1860's and in Canada you can buy a board at Toys 'R Us even.
Here is a sort of description of the board rules.

It reminded me kind of like curling but on a table.
Definitely Canadiana stuff.
I think I may have to buy a board in the future.

My attempt at an Artsy iPhone pic.
The rule board pic is from here and a full description too.
Eva got her husband an iPad and boy was he super excited and it came just in time to bring it with them on their honeymoon trip to Italy and Greece.

Anywho it was a great Saturday and it didn't even feel like I had moved here.
It still doesn't really feel like I have in a way.
Sort of like I'm visiting.
It probably will only hit me when I move into my own place.
5 weeks baby!

Anywho so that was Saturday's fun.
Next up Sunday...

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