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Friday, June 10, 2011

Eva's Wedding Weekend Update sans photos (for now) aka Pumas, Mystery Men, and Cleaning Lady Wackness

The Picture will make sense later...oh come on just go with it.

So two weekends ago it was Eva's wedding and it was a total whirlwind.
First the reason I have no pictures was because of how the Saturday morning started.


I woke up and had everything packed so that I could leave my place by 9:30am.
I was just packing my last minute toiletries when I noticed a pair of my pink shorts on top of my hamper....They looked like they were covered in a white liquid (eww don't think something gross!)  so I picked them up and they and two other pink tank tops were soaked.
Our cleaning lady had last been in Friday morning.

I do have to take this point and clarify that the cleaning lady is my brother's and she does clean his house.
She is the cleaning lady for a lot of our homes (within my family) and is actually more of a family friend.
I even feel guilty so I don't have her clean my room/wash my clothes/change my bed linens etc.
The ONLY thing she does for me is clean my bathroom.
And my bathroom isn't exactly gross by any means...I'm sure my brother's and the one his friends use is a lot more sketch.

So she had obviously taken 3 articles of my clothing as rags (she is provided rags also) to very CLEAN the bathtub.
I was livid.
My blood was BOILING.
I was so super angry so I called my parents to have them ask her about it.
She said maybe her hands were wet and she moved clothes from the floor (ummmm hello I have a hamper because I don't leave my clothes on the floor).
And they were still TOO WET and COVERED in Vim (the one with Bleach) to have just been transfered to the hamper.
So I was (and kind of am still) so angry.

Amongst all of that I forgot my flat shoes for the wedding and my camera and my cell phone.
Seriously it was starting off as a stressful and bad morning.
I was also a little worried about sitting through a wedding and how I would feel (I know terribly selfish on my part).
A few weeks earlier Eva had also told me that there was someone that she really wanted me to meet at the wedding that she thought I would hit it off with.
But 4 weeks ago he had RSVPd with a guest (which Eva gave him a little bit of a scolding because she had told him that she had someone she wanted him to meet).

The plan was that I pick up Shelby and we head to Toronto with enough time to freshen up and change before the first church ceremony at 2pm.
I wanted to stop in the South end of town for a Nars lipstick but Shelby pouted about it making us late so I felt guilty and didn't (though I was kind of grumpy about it...more about that later).

So we get to the hotel with two hours to spare until the church Christian ceremony.
Ummm totally enough time to have stopped for one lipstick (grumble grumble grumble but I sucked it up and didn't say anything).
So we got ready and then when we planned to go (a half hour before the ceremony).
Shelby wasn't ready...seriously annoying.
Anywho we did make it to the wedding in time but late enough that we were one of the last ones to enter the church.

As I sat down, smoothed my hair out and straightened my fascinator.
Shelby and I did a quick boyscope (looked like there were plenty of cute!  maybe I didn't need to be set up by Eva.)
Then another couple of late wedding guests filed in.
Including a girl wearing the same dress as me (that's what I get for buying a mall dress the week before).
At least I had killer accessories to keep it so fresh and so clean (as the rappers say).

Then the ceremony started.
It was beautiful.
Eva was elegant and effortlessly gorgeous.
That is what brought tears to my eyes.
The emerald-eyed girl wasn't at the church at all.
My heart was bursting with love and pride and admiration and happiness for one of my best friends.
Her sister sang At Last and the congregation burst into applause after.
It was the best singing I've ever heard at a wedding EVER.
It brought tears to Eva's eyes.

After that Brooke and I got busy moving two floral arrangement to the reception hall.
And just had enough time to grab a quick glass of wine at the hotel before heading back to the reception hall for the Persian ceremony.
It was really interesting and fantastic except for none of us had any idea what was going on!  Including Eva.
Her fiance was trying to translate but was telling jokes instead so us girls (only a few feet from them) were giggling and Eva was giggling.
Until the minister admonished her saying...  "Eva.  This. is. a. serious time.  Please. be serious."
But all of us were on a giggle path and it was so hard to suppress the giggles!

After that it was cocktail hour.
Where they passed out apple martinis and cosmos and had a bar for everything else.
Tons of passed orderves (spelling anyone???)

The actual reception was great.
The speeches short and to the point but still beautiful.
The food was great (a mixture of traditional Canadian (ie. regular wedding food) and Persian food.
The drinks were flowing...coincidence our table was right beside one of the bars...I think not...we all thanked Eva for that later :)

Then the dancing began...Brooke's daughter was asleep though before that started (we tried to wake her up for one dance but she wasn't feeling it).
Then a very excited Eva came over and said "guess what buddy?"
I'm like "what?"
"That guy I wanted you to meet...broke things off with the girl he had started seeing on Monday so he is here alone!"
I said "that's great but I almost wish you hadn't told me because NOW I'm nervous"... whereas before I was just flittering around being a social butterfly without a care in the world.

So Val gathered me up and we were sent on a mission to find this mystery man.
On our way Val didn't want it to look obvious so she went to find the mystery man's best friend (who happened to be the groom's brother).
While I was waiting this guy pounced.
Let's call him Puma because really he was all over it and I was like an oblivious lamb ( Puma's eat lambs...well let's say they do because it felt like I was certainly stalked by this Puma).

So Puma introduced himself.
He had gone to the same Uni as I had for undergrad (though I didn't recognize him at all and based on his introduction it wasn't like we knew each other before).
So I made some akward small talk with him while he stood entirely way too close to me and touched my arm a little to often for my comfort level.
What was probably 5 minutes but felt like 5 hours before Val rescued me.

On our way over to meet the mystery man we linked arms and she was like I can't believe you met PUMA!
I was like "why? Do you know him?"
She said, "yes in Uni I met him because of Eva's now husband...and he would NOT leave me alone" (she totally confirmed my stalkerPuma hypothesis).
Made a mental note to try and avoid the Puma.

So we finally walk over to the best man standing with the mystery man.
There were the introductions...and I thought he was cute.
He definitely was my usual type...shorter (but still taller than me), stocky/well built, dark hair and dark eyes, tanned skin.
And just for a random fact...Spencer was the EXACT opposite of my usual type he was super tall and lanky, skinny for my usual tastes, very very fair, and a receeder (as in hair line)...but I thought (stupidly) that maybe something different was what I needed...but now I think I'm going to stick to my initial physical type/attraction...which the mystery man fits.

So there we were standing there and making akward talk...which became even akward-er when the best man said, "so you were supposed to me you and now you should go hang out by yourselves" (well there were a lot of drinks consumed thus far to be far to the best man).
Thank goodness Val was there to try and smooth things over and called the best man Akwardo becuase of the akwardness he induced.

So I bravely turned to the mystery man and said, "wow this IS totally you want to grab a drink?"
He agreed and off we went.
We chatted about a few things for an hour.
I was nervous, he was cute and we seemed to have a few things in common.
He had randomly worked in Singapore for 3 months so we had that to chat about.

So there we were chatting and I felt like we were being stalked watched.
And the Puma strides on over and grabs my elbow and leans in to whisper in my ear "Eva needs you for something".
I pulled away slightly and apologized to the mystery man and headed to see what Eva needed...with the mystery man and Puma in tow.

I go up to Eva on the dance floor and check if she needs anything.
She tells me "No I don't need anything but Puma WON'T leave me alone about you...he is dying to spend time talking to you and wants to know all about you but I want you to talk to mysteryman!"
I nod in agreement and then we didn't want to look obvious so I went to get her lipgloss from my purse.
And then the Puma all cheeky/fake-innocently asked "what did Eva want?"
I held up the lipgloss and smiled and asked mystery man if he wanted to grab another drink.
So we walked away from the Puma.

The mystery man and I chatted for about another half hour before he had to go to a different celebration for one of his other friends and he left.
But he did ask me for my number (YEA!!!!)
As he walked away I smiled to myself becuase for the first time in a long time I thought to myself...maybe I still have it...maybe all hope should not be lost for me and boys after all.
I reapplied some lipgloss, repositioned my fascinator tucking my hair behind my ears and turned to go catch up with the girls and BAM I almost run smack into the Puma!

And at that point a slow song began playing and he asked me to dance.
And I'm horrible at saying no... so I danced with him.
Signs it was going bad for me...
1. It was a Country Slow Song (I don't love Country...the stuff I can tolerate is introduced to me by Taylor and or Eva).
2. Way too close for comfort slow dancing...I felt like my skin was crawling.
3. The moment he started singing me the chorus (seriously).
4.  The moment he explained that the song was about a guy whose wife left him and his pickup truck broke down and his dog died...okay I'm kidding sorry but sometimes that seems like country songs are all about that.  The song was about a guy that met the love of his life and after a year she died but he was glad he met her even for a brief moment.
5.  The overexplanation after was not needed from Puma that "it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all" (really I seriously was able to draw that conclusion myself...I'm way smarter than I look haha).
6.  At the end of the song he hugged me.
7.  During said akward hug he said he wanted to find me later and definitely DEFINITELY get my number.
Yea it was bad.

I was finally able to go hang out with the girls the rest of the night.
It quickly became debaucherous.
Shots were downed and drinks continued to flow.
Dancing began.
Jane's husband continued with his tradition of stripping to his boxers on the dance floor.

I was having to pull out stealthy manuevers and use the girls as help to avoid the Puma.
It was so difficult to do so.
It was almost comedic as I artfully would twirl away from him or Jane would grab me from behind and pull me away etc.
Finally the bar shut down and we knew it was time to head to the after party in the hotel lobby our rooms.

Jane's husband had won a bottle of gray goose at one of the games.
So about 20 of us sat in our (me, Val and Shelby's) room and passed around the gray goose with a couple of cans of red bull chasers until almost 5am.
And the Puma followed us there!

I luckily sandwiched myself between Jane and Val.
It was your standard hotel room so imagine like 6-8 people sitting on each bed and some pearched on the chairs and desks and on the floor it was CROWDED!
Only the Puma was in full pounce mode and trying to grab me by the elbow from behind and pull me towards him!
So creepy but I shook it off and pretended to be too drunk and interacting with my friends to pay attention.
At which point he totally starting sulking and it made it so akward!

People slowly started leaving and heading to their own rooms.
And the final stragglers finally got the hint when Val and I crawled into bed still wearing our cocktail dresses.
Where we feel into restless drunken sleep.


We woke up and got ready to head to Eva's home for a family brunch.
Of course she was totally prepared with quiches, and muffins, and fruit, and everything possible (this women is my Canadian versian of Taylor (or at least those two completely remind me of each other)...who is my perfect example of the best hostess on the planet...can prepare wonderful delishious food, have perfect decor and the bubbly fun personality to match).

On a side note Val, Shelby and I that morning found in our hotel room the following items that people had left behind.
  • 1 purse (found under the bed...good thing Val had the sense to check under the bed).
  • 1 pair of men's shoes (and no dude slept over or anything shady like that).
  • The groom's and best man's tie (seriously).
  • 1/4 full bottle of gray goose.
  • 1 cell phone.
  • 1 empty bottle of red wine that we found in Shelby's suitcase in the morning.
So we returned all those things.
We all didn't feel in great shape at any point in the day.
Around 1pm we left (Shelby and myself) to drive home.
Well actually (this is the point where I was perturbed... that she didn't want to stop for my Nars lipstick I wanted) we drove to a different city (Cambridge) to stop by one of her friend's 30th birthday party.

I didn't know this friend.
I was the one driving.
And this would for sure add at least 2 hours to our time in getting home.
And when you are feeling crappy and hungover that just makes you cranky.

So we pull up in to suburbia-ville with toys strewn across the driveway etc.
It was going to be all couples with small children.
Not so great on the hangover.
So we go inside and I meet the birthday girl, her beautiful 1 year old daughter and her husband.
And as I'm shaking his hand he says, "Teagan you have don't remember me at all do you?"

And I was stunned...that he knew my name or how the heck I would know him.
Turns out he went to my high school and was in my class (of like 200).
Oops I felt like such a B*tch.
But I honestly didn't recognize him but afterward he did seem slightly familiar.
Ughh I HATE that because it makes me feel like I'm this big snob and high school was tough and I wasn't like this super popular person or anything.
Oh well, so after about an hour or so we headed home.

I wanted to crawl right into bed I was exhaugsted!
As I was watching trash TV and drifting in and out of sleep around 8!
My phone rang.
It was the mystery man calling!

We chatted on the phone for about an hour.
And made plans to grab a drink after my second interview for the DreamJob (read here about the first interview for the DreamJob).
And with that I blissfully fell into real nondrunken sleep.

Overall it was a great weekend.
I avoided the Puma.
I at the least had made a new friend in Toronto...the mystery man (who really needs a new nick name)...but escapes the colour coding.
I didn't feel any piece of the emerald eyed girl at all.
I was able to celebrate with one of my beautiful best friends a monumental moment in her life.
All of this I may have missed had life turned out any other way.
I really need to trust and appreciate that maybe...just maybe things happen for a reason.

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  1. Using your clothes as rags? That's really rude.

    Wheeee! Mystery man! Boo to the Puma! Glad it was a good, memorable weekend.

  2. @A- I was so mad at her! Great weekend all around though.