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Friday, June 17, 2011

Lord Stanley what the F*ck was that?

Okay so to those who don't know...
The Stanley Cup Finals (who wins the NHL for the year..the hockey equivalent to the SuperBowl if that helps) just wrapped up Wednesday in a Game Seven (Series Tied at 3-3 going in).
Now not to mention that I can't name the starting lineup to save my life...I still watch playoff hockey because its fun and exciting.

Game seven was in Vancouver (home to the most recent Olympics).
They lost...badly...Boston deserved the win.
But then things fell apart in Vancouver.

This is really unusal for Vancouver.  The Olympics was brilliant and full of great celebrations.
I thought it was unusual for Canada to be turned upside down like this...before someone reminded me of the G20 riots.
This totally bums me out!
Can't there be positive peaceful celebrations or graceful defeat?!

I think it goes to show that a few bad apples can spoil the bunch.
While there are stories of destruction and vandalism, there are also stories of those trying to stop it and a clean up effort by the public where people showed up in droves.
A great use of social media for sure!

I hope that as a country Canada will not become know for these destructive acts and we can accept defeat graciously. 
Of note did you see a picture that has emerged from it all?
It totally caught my eye because I may have a slight obsession with kissing pictures.
Check it out...

Talk about "Make Love Not War"...turns out the couple, the boy an Aussie Bartender and the girl a Canadian College student..."were between the riot police and the rioters, and the riot police were actually charging forward, and Alex got knocked by a [police] shield and fell to the ground," Brett Jones told CBC News. "[Scott] was comforting her and gave her a kiss to say, 'It's going to be OK,' and the photographer just took the shot at that moment."

I'm thinking this may become an iconic photo and I like it a lot better then the sad destructive photos.  On a random side note my brother "heard" that an anarchists group is behind it and they threw on hockey jerseys so that it would be blamed on unruly hockey fans.  I hope not but either way its a sad thing to have happened, and I hope the world does not think of Canadians in this way.

Pic and story from here,

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