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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stalled...Apologies and Exhaustion

Sooooo I know I wrote about my new blogernization (read here).
But I'm prolonging it until this weekend because I'm busy and exhausted.
I've been driving back and forth between the TDot 4 times + every week for interviews.

On a sad note...I'm officially declining the position at the DreamJob.
It makes me sad.
It is purely a financial decision.
I literally make more money working as a receptionist then what their employees in my position make.
As in the employees that are there that have been there for 3+ years and are established make less then what I make as a receptionist.
As in there is NO way I could survive in Toronto on that.

It is also too difficult to maintain that job and another one at the same time to try and work with the scheduling that they have because of other employees (i.e. it is not flexible whatsoever).
So I need to cancel the meeting I have scheduled on Thursday with them.
And let them know that I just can't do it.
Which makes me incredibly sad.
Although it is better then working for 6 months and then feeling like I'm forced to quit because it just doesn't make sense financially.

On the other front I have 3 more interviews in the next 2 days.
One seems like a possible good fit which I'm excited about.
I have declined 3 other jobs so far (not including the DreamJob) because I want to find a good and more long term fit.
Even though I'm DYING to move to the TDot.
Which I think is kind of grownup/responsible.

So I'm exhausted and have officially been neglecting the blog.
I'm trying to get back into it.
I mean I do have things to update seeing as I have now been on 4 dates with the MysteryMan (who STILL desperately needs a new moniker).

So that is where I am...stalled...and not nearly moving fast enough for my liking.

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  1. Very grown up/responsible and very wise. So much better to be thinking about it now, like you said, than six months down the road when you would be forced to make a decision.

  2. I can only imagine how tough that is for you to turn down your dream job, but it sounds you are making a very mature and thoughtful decision. This is just setting you up for the right opportunity to come along soon! I will live vicariously through your interviews - how awesome that you've been having so many and receiving offers, that must feel good at least even if you can't take them! Hang in there, this too shall pass! Can't wait to hear more about Mystery Man! P.S. I really hope this comment posts because this is the first time it appears normal in weeks and I am feeling awful about not being able to comment!!!!

  3. @Pink Sun Drops- Thank you for saying has been a very scary and sort of unsure decision. Even though I desperately wanted to accept it.

    @An Early 30- IT was super tough. Thank you for putting such a positive spin on it. And though I never thought about it I should feel good about getting thanks for pointing that out. I will (hopefully) be bloggin more about MysteryMan.

  4. MYSTERYMAN! OMG! Yay! I'm glad you've been having fun with him!

    I'm so sorry about the dream job. But it really, really seems like you put the time in to think it through and that's really admirable. It had to have been hard. Proud of you.

  5. @A- Being a grown up blows sometimes haha.