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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bloganization...because I'm @nal like that

Okay so I need some Blog Organization...
a way to stay focused so I don't end up doing like 8 posts in a row about my love of Britney Spears (though that may be completely warranted sometimes).
So I scanned through some of my labels and tried to organize things better.

While I am using this to chronical my daily life (very Journal-esque) I also have MyExBoyfriendProject which seems like I need one of those fancy blog pages with tabs/sections.
But you know I'm just not that technologically saavy yet.
And I think I need to rename my blog title because unless you are a super big Lauren Conrad fan you won't get the deep significant meaning...I'm not actually planning a trip to Paris in the immediate future.  So I'm mulling over ideas.

So while I will keep on blogging my normal weekend updates, the family drama, the fun girly hang out times, and boys/dating I needed to organize my other random blog posts into something more organized which will also allow me to blog ahead in some areas.  I thought of maybe just blogging one post a day but then I thought it would totally skew time especially if I happen to be writing about make out sessions or possibly many dates (I may have had a date Monday just saying) haha.

So here is my "Proposed" new schedule of blogging topics...Obviously I gleened ideas of this from other blogs that have Music Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays etc.

MyExBoyfriendProject Mondays~ I will try and alternate earlier Ex's and Spencer because I have gotten stuck sometimes at the difficulty of getting through my Spencer issues.

Bookworm Wednesdays~ I love books I love reading and the library and I just got back on that horse so to speak.

OhCanada Thursdays~ My attempt to appreciate Canadian things more often.

MyFav Fridays~ My favourite things...move over Oprah I'm reviewing some of my fav things...whether they are wishlists...hello Burberry Trench I see you close!!! Or things that I use on a daily will be a review of sorts and somewhat of a wish list.

MovieMusicMediaMadness Sundays~ Trashy gossip, movie reviews and what is pumping on the Beast (my car).

So I do have some "open" days but I think that is a good start to try and be a little more focused and a little less random.  Let's see how it goes. And I totally reserve the right to not follow through...just sayin'


  1. Your organization cracks me up, but I love it and your little disclaimer ;), and can't wait to see how it works out!

  2. @PinkSunDrops...hopefully after this weekend it will work...but I'm not sure haha.

  3. LOL! You're totally allowed not to follow through - it's your blog!

  4. @A- obviously so did not happen oops...