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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So today I had the offer meeting with the one job I was hopeful for (read here).
And seriously my blood was boiling afterwards.
I'm sure my chest and face was scarlet as I left the building.

So I already had to decline the DreamJob.
I was excited because I thought I would be a great fit at this job too.
And I also received two other offers last night via email
(well offers that are again a percentage no guaranteed income, etc. therefore I don't want to take them).
So I was excited to see what this person had to say.

The offer...
30K no vacation, and no benefits.
She told me to consider it an investment (I would be eligable after a year for a straight percentage...again still no guarantee).
In my head I was 8 years and 6 figures worth of education was my investment.
Instead I said that "the barrier for me to accept this job is strickly financial" and I thanked her for her time.
And cursed the whole way back to the car (in my head).

What a waste of a 4 hour round trip.
What a waste of gas money.
But mostly I'm secretly terrified at this being what is the "standard".
I can't wrap my head around it.
It makes NO sense to me.

Granted I suppose I am to blame.
When I was 16 and I made the decision to do what I did.
I didn't look at the actual numbers.
I mean I looked at the average income statistics (which was more than double what I've been offered thus far) but didn't see how it actually fully worked.
I'm really just baffled at the whole situation.

I'm back at my dad's office "working" trying to work from a boil to just a simmer.
My dad said "well it looks like you ARE staying here in (insert my hometown)"...which made me want to scream.
Trying to stay positive that maybe there will be better in the next 3 interviews I have scheduled before Monday.
Trying to just breathe.
Trying to let go of the anger and frustration I'm feeling.

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  1. I am so sorry you are having problems with the job situation! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the other 3 interviews turn out better!

  2. @AnEarly30- Thanks for thinking of me...I'm just going to keep at it though I'm dying to get to the TDot.

  3. Oh, girl. I understand. I totally get it. I felt the SAME way when I was interviewing. All you can think about was how much time and money you've invested and WHY IS IT SO HARD to follow your dreams?! Ugh.

    I am sending you lots of good vibes and hope that it will all turn around really, really soon. The right job is out there for you - and it will be one that, financially, you can make work, too.

  4. @A- It is still crazy about the whole investment not necessarily equalling opportunity (at this point anyway). But I'm plugging away and keeping at it and interviewing like a crazy person. It also secretly terrifies me to keep turning down positions (like am I crazy because this is just one of those "its just the way it is here" scenarios. Thanks for the good vibes...hey I have inspiration and hope from your search and now success in your career!