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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Between Order and Randomness

Okay I have been sucking about blogging so I'm going to do a bullet-ey catch up until I can full post.  I don't mean it to be a trend for me but things have been nutso!

  • In the last week I've been on 12 Job Interviews (Have offers etc but trying to battle trying to figure out how and what to do) literally have been driving back and forth to the TDot.
  • DreamJob offered me the DreamJob and I'm supposed to tell them tomorrow a for sure answer...only problem I can't afford to take their job without a second (good paying) job and to coordinate that is proving to be very difficult to try and coordinate hours and things but I'm trying and I hope they understand I need just a few more days before I can sign on the dotted line!!! Stressed to the max over it because there are other candidates that don't have to do this...worry worry worry.
  • Obsessing fantasizing over moving to the Tdot...despite the fact that dramamama gives me a max survival time of 90 to that!
  • Bella (who was supposed to move too) wants to move in September but to me means "I'm staying in our home town forever" which is cool unless you constantly talk about wanting to get out of said hometown.
  • I am recieving 3-5 messages DAILY from Jacob but have not responded at all since May 24th! Go me!
  • Can't get a hold of Spencer by any means (phone/email/text) ...not sure how to get a divorce from someone who literally has vanished.  I'm hoping it doesn't mean hiring a detective or something like that.  It actually terrifies me so I focus on the other bajillion things going on.
  • Eva's wedding= fabulousness.
  • Have gone on a few dates with someone I met at Eva's wedding and it has been a blast...and I'm excited and nervous and happy about it...and trying not to get too excited etc. about it...him he needs a reference name that I haven't thought of yet.
  • Thank goodness my trash TV posts episodes online so I can watch during spinning or I'm keeping up with the Bachelorette which is my total guilty pleasure!  That and So You Think You Can Dance (which makes me want to take dance classes again very badly!)
  • The weather oh the glorious weather here!  It has totally warmed up which puts me in the best mood EVER!
  • I'm at my dad's place today working...and they have a ginormous pile of work for me because they like leaving early and have gotten used to me picking up the slack...I cannot wait to be done here but am grateful for having a paying job while I waited for my test results etc.


  1. Love, love, LOVE this update and EVERYthing in it!

    Those two shows are my guilty pleasures right now, as well. And So You Think You Can Dance is SO making me want to take dance classes (in the first place) - love how they focus on building the dancers up and unique styles.

  2. @Pink Sun Drops- yes I love both those shows so much! My heart breaks for Ashley because I totally identify with her (and her insecurities I guess). And how super duper excited was I when no one was cut from SYTYCD last night! I makes me want to take a billion dance classes as well. xo

  3. YAY! This is all so exciting!