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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BWW: The Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mockingjay

Okay this has definitely happened to me before...
I loved both the Harry Potter and Twilight franchise.
Loved the books and the movies simply because you get to SEE what you have read.

I think it is so funny that I cannot remember at all what I must have pictured before the movies came out.
Because when I reread the books or think of characters they are now burned into my head as the actors who portray them.
Since there is already crazy obsessive media coverage surrounding The Hunger Games already I already have a decent image of the characters ie. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

So I can't say I officially "read" the books because instead I got the audio books.
Well for two reasons.
#1- I was like 264 on the list of holds at the library.
#2- I am doing a TON of boring driving back and forth between the TDot and it helps the drive go by.  I had been putting off reading them for awhile because there was almost too much hype I thought.

However I have LOVED them.
I don't think it is too "spoilery" to tell you the things I like about it.
  • It is vampires/wizards etc.  However, this does make me a little worried now for the onslaught of similarly themed books that are sure to come out as well.
  • Main character is a girl.  Not a girl sidekick and not a girl that is incomplete until a boy saves her.  This is pretty refreshing.
  • A movie is already in the works so I have that to look forward to.  And the casting to me seems VERY reminiscent of Harry Potter with the casting of the adults being amazing and the children being not super popular yet (well I guess you could now consider Jennifer Lawrence popular).

    The two main boys that form the sort of must needed love triangle.  I believe they date Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus respectively.
    I LOVE Stanley Tucci (hello The Devil Wears Prada?!) and Lenny Kravitz (hmmm didn't know he acted) and Woody is perfect for the character he is playing.
    Classic actor for the very scary President Snow.
    Most of the kiddos are unknown or stuntmen/women/kids...really.
  • Pretty adventuresome with some great twists that I have not read before.
  • The high adventure is centred around kids but has a definite violence to it that I'm curious to see how they handle it.  In fact when I look at the casting I'm reminded how YOUNG the kids are that are involved in some scary stuff.
  • The nerdy part of me loves the new vocabulary and things that will soon probably be a recognizable part of cultural vocabulary...trackerjackers, mutts, districts, tributes, the hob, the games, etc.
  • The onslaught of merchandising to be had...even though I have never personally bought a Potter wand or cuff with a Cullen family crest logo on it I secretly enjoy seeing what they come out with.  Especially in SkyMall haha.
  • Hopefully this will also elcicit an interest in archery.  I know this is so random to be excited for something but anything that maybe would interest kids in different sports I think is always a bonus. 
So overall A++ I definitely recommend.
Happy Reading and "May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!"

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  1. Love those books too and can't wait to see the movies! :)

  2. @AnEarly30- They were so great and I'm very much looking forward to the movies as well...darn we have to wait until March 2012!