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Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Dates and Second Interviews

Really this should have been posted Monday May 30th.
But pretend I have a time machine to erase my laziness busyness. 
So I first had an interview at another place.

Then I had a second interview at the DreamJob the one I wrote about here, herehere, and here.
One of the key loves of this place was the fact that it was downtown.
On the way there I actually had hit some traffic.
So I hurriedly parked my car on a main street and rushed right in.
It went really well I thought but I still hadn't made up my mind.

So I was walking out of the building and the sun was shining and it was easy to fall into a simple daydream of living downtown, doing what I love and just starting anew.
And I walked to where I had parked my car...

Hmmmm where was my car???
Then I saw the sign...the one that said no parking between 4-6pm.

It was 4:08pm.

So I called Eva and she was able to give me a number to call and find where they had towed my car.
I hailed a cab and headed to the tow lot.
And after a $158 tow charge and receiving a $60 ticket I was off again.

I was headed to Val's place with a very light wallet.
Lesson learned... read the parking signs VERY carefully downtown.

So Val and I had a quick chat while I waited for MM (Mystery Man but he needs a way better reference name) to come pick me up.
I was nervous even Val could tell...but she gave me good advice..."Teagan just be yourself and have fun."
What did I wear?
The same thing I had worn to my interviews.
Black dress pants, flats, my blue-ish silk new Banana Top and cardigan (see here).
I wore my glasses and didn't even add more makeup.
This was definitely a first for me.

So he picked me up in his fun car.
And we headed to a place called Panorama.
It is at the top of this building in Toronto.

It is described as "set atop the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre at Bay and Bloor, Panorama offers guests a stunning view of both uptown and downtown Toronto as well as two of the country's highest patios. The award winning cocktail menu and full dinner menu, created by Executive Chef Scott Doust, are matched with fantastic service for a truly outstanding experience.  The décor is almost as spectacular as the view. The interior features "bauhaus" leather couches, contemporary Italian seating and sleek dark wood and steel accents. The patio is done "South Beach" cabana style. Image enjoying drinks or a romantic dinner looking over the City at night".

We had a gorgeous city view to watch and awesome drinks.

I actually had so much fun with him just talking.
We covered a range of topics.
He makes me laugh and he opens the car door for me.

Before I knew it I realized it was pretty dark out and we had spent 4 hours together.
I suggested he take me back to Val's place because it was pretty late (oopsie).
By the time I got there it was after 11pm so Val had laid out a bed for me (seriously do I have the best friends or what?)

And that is how I went on my first date in more than 9 months.
And I had fun.
And that is as far as I let myself think about it for now.

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  1. Eeeeee! That's awesome. Except for the towed car part. I did the same thing in Ann Arbor once, where my spot was completely legal except for, like, two hours on Football Saturdays. It's been 10 years and I'm still pissed at myself about it. ;)

  2. @A- I love love LOVE Ann Arbor. My bestie from graduate school Will lives I try to go to football games there as often as possible...I love the tailgate on the made me jealous of the undergrad experience y'all have with football in the USA.