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Friday, October 25, 2013

Next Time

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So on Tuesday I was all set to hang out for date four with MrTrader.
I was little a little worried given the previous date (read here if you missed it).
He suggested I come over and we just order in.
So I headed on over to his place (after getting his address from him because my memory was certainly a little hazy.

He is definitely very handsome.
And he had a bottle of red wine decanted when I arrived (LOVED that).
So we sort of giggled and catched up on our respective trips (mine Dallas, him Nantucket).

And he likes to tease me a little.
He said I barely ate and maybe we should just order in a personal size pizza....those who know me well know I can eat like a horse...unless I'm nervous...which I always am on initial dates lol.
So I told him that (look at me being all open and honest).

So we watched the hockey game on TV and chatted and drank red wine and ordered a pizza.
He made me make the selection.
So I ordered the Americana which he teased me even more for because he likes to say I'm American.

After I was a little fidgety and nervous.
He pulled me onto his lap as he kissed me.
At some point I pulled away and called him a bad influence.
He thought if I was going to call him a bad influence he may as well be one.
And that is how one thing lead to another...

After we lay in bed sipping on glasses of wine.
I almost spit my wine all over his sheets when he asked me if the last serious relationship I was in was when I was married.  I definitely did NOT remember telling him that the last time.
And when I thought about's been 3 years.
I can't believe I told him that.
We talk about many different things and I'm starting to really crush on him.

He invited me to stay over but I declined.
After all it was a school night.
Plus I didn't have a toothbrush or anything with me.
He said next time I should bring things and stay over.
Those may just have been my favourite two words he said that time...

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