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Sunday, October 6, 2013

a second date fail and a second date pass

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This seemed to be the weekend of second dates.
Well two of them at least lol.
So Saturday night I met up with the guy from this first date.

I met him downtown and we headed out for dinner and a movie.
There were again the same awkward stops in conversation.
I found myself searching for topics to chat about.
And he kept leaning to the side (there was a TV behind me that happened to have a hockey game on)...which I found extremely rude.
Heck if he wanted to watch the game he could have suggested wings and drinks and I would have happily watched the game.

And then the bill came and he asked if I wanted to split it.
And I did (though I didn't want to because the restaurant was his pick and he invited me).
It just was weird and I found myself in a little bit of a panic at the end of the date.
Like hoping he wouldn't kiss me or suggest to get together again.
I think I was sufficiently awkward and standing away that he only asked to get together again.
I let him know that I didn't think we were a match romantically.

I met up with Kai at her place after (soon to also be my apartment building too!)
And we both hoped for a better second date the next morning.
So this morning I the guy from this first date for brunch at The Rebel House.
Pic from here
He was on time this time lol.
And with him there is more just "click".
I found myself giggling and really enjoying myself.
Our brunch lasted three hours that seemed to fly by.

And we made plans for Friday night for a third date.
My last night in Toronto before I head to Dallas!
We walked a little down the road before we said goodbye with a quick kiss.
And it was good and totally made up for the not so good second date the night before.

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