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Saturday, November 30, 2013

living in a downtown world

Y'all my week has been nutty in the best possible way!
First on Monday.
As I figured I got a message from the first date fail the previous day.

Which is just weird.  I mean first you say you aren't that into me.
Then he basically questions/makes an accusatory statement about it.
I'm always perfectly nice and polite.
And I just re-iterated what our conversation was on Sunday.
I don't just go on first date sometimes takes me a bit.
Anywho so at least that's done.

Monday night was the start of our winter book club with the girls.
We did this last year and had a great time.
This month's book selection, The Mountains Echoed by 
Pic from here
A lovely night of chicken curry and bubbly champagne.
These girls are awesome and it is fun to get together and discuss things other than just gossip lol.

Tuesday night I headed to the movies with Kai.
So awesome that there is a theatre less than a block from where we now live.
And it's great to have Kai living in the same building.
We of course went to go see my guilty pleasure of Catching Fire.
Pic from here
Loved it and a definite improvement over the first movie.
It more closely followed the book and the recast the cat.  I'm someone who is detail oriented and insanely bothered by the black and white cat in the first movie when the book clearly describes the cat as a ginger one!

Wednesday night was date number two with someone (read here if you missed it).
I'm a little hesitant because it has been two and a half weeks since our first date.
I was wondering if he actually was interested but on the actual date I find myself pleasantly surprised.
Time seems to fly by and I find myself really simply just enjoying myself.
He picked a fabulous place one of my new favs in the city Patria.
Pic from here
It is a Spanish Tapas styled restaurant and my favourite way to eat.
I love trying little bits of everything.
Not to mention here I was on a date with a smart and handsome man.

He always dresses really well which I find super attractive.
Wednesday night he was wearing a blue and white checked button up shirt with a navy blue cardigan with light blue pipping also buttoned up.
Such great style.
After our date he offered to drive me home (now that I'm a public transit taking kind of girl).
As he drove me up I only made things slightly awkward with the hug and no kiss yet.
We do have date three on the agenda for Sunday so fingers crossed.

Thursday night Val and I headed out for our traditional birthday dinner.
We picked The Grove which was also amazing!
I'm seriously having great luck with restaurants lately.
Pic from blogto
We opted to each do the five course tasting menu but actually split it so we ended up with a ten course tasting menu.  So we tried everything except two items on the menu.
And it was delicious!
Definitely on my list of new favs. 
Pic from here
Finally Friday was upon us and it was our second annual American Thanksgiving potluck at Laurel and her husband's place.
And we ate and laughed and gave thanks and just spent time together.
And it was the perfect end to a busy and fun week.
Pic from here
It is kind of funny us all living in a big city but still pulling together to celebrate.
Some of us are from here, some of us are from other cities in Toronto and some are from across the world.
Such a great group of friends I've made here.
I'm absolutely loving living downtown.

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