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Sunday, December 1, 2013

conversations going nowhere

So after the debacle of last Thursday with MrAttorney.
I should have followed the advice of AM.
Instead I allowed the text messages to go back and forth over the weekend.

Him teasing and saying that he dropped off a hot chocolate for me with the concierge.
Me for a second thinking that he actually did.
Him telling me a should yell at the concierge if it wasn't there because it means he drank it.
Me realizing he was totally just pulling my leg.

Later on this week he checked on me (from being sick last weekend).
At first I thought I would just ignore him but then I caved a day later.
And it kind of led to this conversation.

You see I felt bad because his Grandfather passed away over the weekend.
And in my messed up way I want to be there for him.
Or at least offer my condolences.
And then he will say something like the above "almost as much fun as hanging with me in scars" (scars is slang for the crappy out of the city area I lived in previously).   

And I know I should ignore him.
I am focusing on moving on and filling my life with great things.
Because y'all are right...he is just stringing me along for some weird reason.
I obviously am letting him.
I was so good from September 8th until the end of November and I cracked a little when he reached out to me on my actual birthday.
And lets be real obviously some part of me hoping things had changed and he had come to the realization that he wanted to be in a relationship with me.
The reality is that isn't the case at all.  


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  2. Im so sad to see that you haven't returned to blog some more yet, I hope you're ok. However, im currently trying to catch up to current time & im only on your 2/14/2012 post, so hopefully you'll be back posting by the time I get caught up.. I LOVE YOUR BLOG & so terribly wish I would have found it years ago.. I love your writing style.. oh, and the main reason why I came to this last post to comment, was becasue I wanted to tell you about a book I think you should read. Its called "Women Who Love Too Much". I read it about 6 or so years ago & it totally changed my life. About 4 years before I read it, I had my experience with a Spencer, & then spent the next 4 years having the same dating experiences as you have. Simply put, "a bunch of disappointment wrapped around a whole lot of hope".. then I read the book... life changing.... I hope you check it out, & even moreso, I hope it helps you as much as it did me. Its all about choosing the wrong people to love, (the ones that dont return it) why we do it & most importantly, how to change it... please check it out!!!

  3. Hoping everything is ok. Will you be back?